e eat delicious food in their last six months, can I please ask you to teach these children how to cook?“


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Ume wanted Melsa to teach these four boys how to cook dishes that would suit the taste of the Imperial Japanese people using the ingredients from the Kingdom.
And these boys who Melsa brought along to the Kingdom after she agreed to Ume’s request were the very boys who were currently cooking in the Stuarts’ kitchen.


“How was it, Itou? Do you find it hard to cook here because there are no magic stones?” Melsa talked to one of the boys.


“!!! Melsa-sama! It’s alright.
The kitchen here is similar to the one in my grandmother’s house, so I can manage somehow.“


Melsa thought these boys would face difficulties in the Kingdom, a country without magic stones, until they adapted to life here, but it seemed she did not have to worry.


“Excuse me… Melsa-sama… It’s about their names… It’s hard for us to make out the names.
We’re unable to pronounce them too,” the cook reported with difficulty.


“Everyone can say Imperial Prince Tasuku’s name just fine, though?” Emma tilted her head in wonder, her nose twitching from the smell of cooked rice.


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“…Pardon me… but Master and Young Masters…?”


Not just Emma, but George, William, and Leonard too, had gathered together with their noses sniffing towards the kitchen.


“Oh… that’s right.
His Majesty, too, was calling Imperial Prince Tasuku’s name normally…” Leonard nodded at Emma’s words without trying to hide his thundering stomach growls.


“Imperial Prince Tasuku’s name is easy to catch! But theirs… I-Ituu? Hera? Chiwawa? N-Na-Na… I couldn’t catch their names at all, let alone remember them!”


“I’m troubled if I can’t call their names,” the cook muttered.


“Mother? Their names… How about their given names?” While holding back his drool, William suggested calling them by their given names if their surnames were too hard to pronounce.


“Well, the thing is all four of them are ‘Tarou‘.”

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