in your care from now on,” said the boys while looking at George nervously.
They stood by in place, waiting for the task he wanted to assign them since he had called them over.


“Sorry for calling you over when you were cooking.
Your names are hard to catch for the Kingdom people, you see, so is it okay if we give you Kingdom-style names?“


Being painfully straightforward had always been George’s way of doing things.


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“Oh, so that’s how it was.
Seeing the head chef looking troubled over something truly pains me… Hm, I see, so even our names can’t be communicated, it seems?“


“We will also work hard to learn the language as much as we can.
And as for our names… Please decide on them as you like…“


“Because we don’t know any Kingdom-style names.“


“For us to receive a name before our coming-of-age ceremony… I can boast about this when I return to my country.“


The boys accepted the sudden proposal flexibly without looking displeased.
The Head Court Lady Ume could never make a mistake in choosing her personnel.


“Emma-sama, the younger brother of Jacob-san, one of the patients in the treatment center, is requesting to meet you.
…Um, it seems he came here directly from work and is not very cleanly dressed… Would you like to decline his request?”

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A servant of House Stuart came to report timidly.

If it was before, servants would sometimes decline something for the family on their own accord, but ever since that ‘tragedy’, starting from the family to all employees, everyone had to strictly adhere to the “Report, Communicate, Consult” rule.


“Report, communicate, and consult” were seriously very important.


“Jacob-san‘s younger brother? …I believe I previously heard that he was a fisherman (man of the sea who had a slightly different charm from sailors…) Of course, I will meet him!”


The option to not meet the younger brother of the handsome sailor uncle, Jacob, simply did not exist for Emma.

When Emma headed to the garden cheerfully (because the servant hesitated whether the man was allowed to enter the mansion or not)…

…an (old) man with tan skin and a more muscular body than Jacob stood there waiting.

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