ink of them as the same insect when they had already turned this huge.


“We can take good care of the insects even when Emma-sama, George-sama, and William-sama are absent.
We won’t make the same mistake.”


“Fufufu, how very reliable.”

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The academy’s two-month summer vacation would begin in about a month.
The summer vacation here was longer than that of their previous life since it coincided with the start of the social season.
It was an occasion where participation was taken very seriously by all nobles in the royal capital.

The Stuarts originally planned to return to their territory, Palace (while completely ignoring the social season), but it was now decided that they would go to Imperial Japan.

Everything was for rice and Japanese food.

They disguised the real intention of their trip to the public by stating that the three siblings had been chosen to study abroad as exchange students.

In consideration of Imperial Japan, which had isolated itself for a long time, the crisis of the propagation of Over was kept secret between only the Royal Family, the diplomat, Oliver, and House Stuart.
Undesirable trouble might arise if Imperial Japan’s magic stone resources were known to other countries.

It was safer to hide everything that could be hidden.


“Emma-sama, do you mind if I watch the insects with you?“


A blue-haired boy talked to Emma with a friendly smile.


“Oh, Miguel.
Have you finished making miso?“


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That said, all we had to do today was wash and soak the beans in water.
Mancio, Martinho, and Julian are now resting with the ninjas.“


Joshua had painstakingly searched for soybeans for the Stuart family with his dedication as a merchant.
Now that all the preparations for making miso were completed after they had obtained soybeans, the ninjas and Tarous began working on the miso this morning.

That’s right, House Stuart’s miso production officially started today.


“I can’t wait to eat it.“


Once House Stuart’s original miso was completed, drinking miso soup every morning would no longer be a dream.



Author’s words: Were the first two lines conveyed well…? It was kinda tough…


Translator’s notes:

[2] The author actually used “You reek of the Showa period (1926.12.25-1989.1.7)​,” which basically meant “you are too old-fashioned”.
The 1970s here refers to Japan’s media in the 70s.
The 1970s movie/manga(s) referenced in this chapter: Rocky, Tomorrow’s Joe, and Star of the Giants.

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