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“I know it’s not good to prank girls, but Robert-sama and Bryan-sama must have reflected on their actions too, so is it not all right to release them from prison?”


Everyone was surprised by those saintly words.

The girl the Prince (clearly) held dear, with a pitiful scar on her beautiful face.

The girl with a compassionate heart and humbleness to all.

The girl with far-sighted discerning eyes who always smiled bravely in any situation.

At that moment, everyone realized that there stood a holy maiden who knew how to forgive.


The commotion happened right after she was first named a Holy Maiden, and her reputation amongst the people had just shot up drastically.
At that time, everyone wasn’t in the state to make a sound judgment as they were shaken by the news of the tragedy that befell her.

The one who convinced them to stop and think it over was the victim, Emma, herself.

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If the tailless whip scorpions had been ordinary insects, and hadn’t been released in a place with young, noble ladies, Robert and Bryan wouldn’t have been put in prison, would they?


The lost tailless whip scorpions wouldn’t return, but the wounds of the hurt young ladies would heal.


The expenses for dispatching the royal castle’s Knight Order due to the disturbance, the consolation money and medical expenses for the young ladies, and compensation for the academy’s loss during the suspension of classes.

Those were the only punishments for Robert and Bryan.


The amount of compensation was not something nobles couldn’t afford.
Upon hearing their punishment, Robert and Brian even wondered whether it was God’s blessing and gladly accepted.


‘Is Emma Stuart… seriously an angel?’ When Robert thought so, he was suddenly placed in a separate carriage from Bryan.
After swaying on the road for almost half a day, he only then found out that he was brought to the entrance of a shabby farming village far from the royal capital.

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