dominium of the eldest daughter, Minato.

Today’s menu is a hot pot.

Without anyone being late, dinner started soon.

If it is the usual, what will the working guys do? Kou who works overtime and Heita who has a loose sense of time will usually come late.
But today, we have rarely already gathered together and started eating dinner.

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I opened a beer can for a ‘Kanpai’ to stop Kou who keep munching food deliciously, and right at that moment…

(T/N: Kanpai is a way to say ‘cheers!’ in Japan (you know that thing when you clink your glass while drinking with others).
I believe you already know though…)

The earth started shaking like it was being pushed and tossed.

“Uehh? Earthquake?”

“It’s pretty big, huh!”

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“Turn off the fire first!”

“Hurry! Run―”

“Watch out―!”

It was the Southern Sea great earthquake that had long been a concern.

The eldest daughter’s room on the first floor of the condominium was crushed that day by the earthquake and the entire family died.

…………………or they supposed to

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