ng over whether he should shower or have a meal first upon going back to the mansion half a day ago .


“…? You can get hemp clothes for 20 copper coins, right? For shoes… Didn’t you know you could make them on your own by carving wood? That’s how everyone in this village lives.”


“…Hemp… you said? How can the honorable me wear hemp clothes! Just who do you think I am?! Wear hemp, make do with wooden shoes, and live on copper coins?! Of course I can’t live in such a sh*tty, poor place like this!!!”


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Don’t mess around… I am the Robert Lance, y’know.

A person of high status who will become the Duke of Lance in another ten years.

Me, ME… who a knight like this can’t even dream of getting in touch with in the future!


“Know that you are a criminal, Robert.
You barely escaped death thanks to the magnanimous Holy Maiden.
If you’re dissatisfied with this, would you like to be the first one in 300 years to be executed on the guillotine?”


The knight glared at Robert.

The knights who were dispatched during the commotion all knew…

…that Emma Stuart, the biggest victim, was so worn out that she couldn’t stand on her own feet.

…That she had to be carried slowly and carefully by her older brother, George Stuart.

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‘You ought to be thankful to still be alive after doing such a thing to a girl,’ thought the knight indignantly.
He held back the urge to cut down the boy in front of him and turned on his heels.


“W-Wait!!! At least put me in a more well-off village, not here! This is no place for humans to live!”


The knight stopped in his tracks upon hearing Robert’s shouts.


“Right, I forgot to tell you.
This is a very average farming village in the Lance Duchy.
I wonder what will happen if the villagers suffering from heavy taxes find out that you are the lord’s son?”


“HAHAHA,” The knight left on the carriage, caring no more for Robert, who stiffened in place upon hearing his sarcastic, dry laugh.

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