“That Duke Lance will?”


The House of Duke Lance was part of the Kingdom’s Four Great Duke Houses.

There was a rumor that the Duke’s son had caused a disturbance at the academy, but the matter had been vague to the public because any further talk about it was suppressed.


“Other than the task of entertaining the Imperial merchants, our company’s people will do just fine without me.
Besides, where the Stuart family is will always be the center of economy.
I don’t plan on going to Imperial Japan and returning empty-handed either.” Imperial Japan has magic stones, rice, and other ingredients that Emma-sama has highly sought after.


“Joshua… so you’ve been doing your job properly even when in the royal capital, huh?”

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Though he is my son, what a terrifying child. [T/N: this XD]

However, Daniel was also proud of raising this son by himself for so many years.


“And your real reason is?”


“… Four boys came from Imperial Japan to House Stuart to learn how to cook.
Among them, there’s this boy called Miguel who got along well with Emma-sama.
Seeing how close they look always makes me so, so, so…”


“I knew it…”


“He attracts Emma-sama‘s attention by talking about insects and conquers Emma-sama‘s stomach with foreign food… When I talked to him for a bit, he felt like a bright and refreshing… gentleman!” 

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If in one in a million chance… If in one in a billion chance that somewhere without me, the two… those two…


“…No matter what Father says… no… even if our company goes bankrupt, I will still go to Imperial Japan.”


Imperial Japan is currently the most dangerous place to go to.

But I don’t want to be informed of something only after it has happened like that time with the local barrier hazard.

Since then, and even after arriving in the royal capital, I’ve been training my body.

It may be difficult for me to protect her with a sword, like George-sama and Prince Edward.
Even so, I want to be by her side.


I want to see the angel’s smile from the closest place next to her more than anyone else.

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