gua franca of the Kingdom and the Empire, or basically the “English” in this world), etc.


“I’m surprised at the amount of cargo, but the number of people who came to help is also shocking, isn’t it, Caitlyn?”


“The amount of cargo is surprising, but the number of helpers is also shocking indeed, Catherine.”

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It was only a few days ago House Stuart publicly announced their visit to Imperial Japan.
“Following Melsa Stuart’s achievements, House Stuart will continue to forge the path of diplomatic exchange with Imperial Japan” was the official statement they had released.


Francesca, who had become overprotective of Emma since the commotion with Robert, was standing to one side as she worried about Emma incessantly.
Meanwhile, Marion was asking George to bring her a katana as a souvenir as she was interested in the swordsmanship of Imperial Japan’s samurais.
During that time, Catherine and Caitlyn single handedly took care of all the arrangements for the sail.


The family originally planned to hire some people for the loading work on the day, but they didn’t need to in the end because the rumor of the Holy Maiden’s departure had spread to all corners, and the Holy Maiden’s believers gathered at the port to help voluntarily.


“I was also surprised.
Jacob-san, the sailor, and his younger brother, the slum children, and even seamstresses with their husbands too, for some reason, have all come to help.”

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Sailors and fishermen loaded the baggage.
The seamstresses polished the ship’s interior, their husbands confirmed the number of cargo that had been loaded, and the slum children took care of the cats and insects that the family had snuck in.


“This must be the fruit of Emma-sama‘s everyday kindness, right, Caitlyn?”


“Yeah, this is the fruit of Emma-sama‘s everyday kindness, Catherine.”


Since most of the travel expenses this time were paid by the Kingdom, in other words, national taxes, it was safest to save money.

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