Set Sail [Part 2]

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“Emma-sama, the containers of C-4 (four cats) and T-150 (150 tailless whip scorpions) have been safely carried in (without anyone noticing).”


Joshua, who had been supervising the Rothschild Company’s staff and the slum children, came to report with cold drinks in hand.


“This is cold fruit-infused water.
Please have some if the two of you would like.”


Unlike the summer in Japan of their previous life, where it had its torturous summer heat, summer in the Kingdom felt very pleasant.
Despite this, the men who came to help with loading the cargo still grew sweaty after working for a while and took off their shirts halfway.


“! This is cold and delicious, isn’t it, Caitlyn?”


“! This is cold and delicious, Catherine.”


Even nobles could rarely drink cold drinks in the summer in the Kingdom.


“I also gave out the same refreshments to the helpers as a thank you drink from House Stuart.”

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“! You’re giving out such a valuable drink to everyone?! As expected of the Rothschild Company, they are so generous, right, Caitlyn?”


“! You’re giving out such a valuable drink to everyone?! The Rothschild Company is generous as expected, Catherine.”


“I’m glad you like it.
How is it, Emma-sama? Do you also find the infused… water… deli… cious…? Huh?”


Emma’s eyes were fixed on the men who were working hard to carry the cargo this whole time.


“Jacob-san and his younger brother are so great!!! Just look at that body aesthetic that doesn’t lose out to young people!!! Those back muscles aren’t just the product of overnight effort… To lift such heavy-looking baggage that easily… How wonderful…”




William, who just happened to pass by, sighed as he saw Emma enjoying the view of old men and uncles.


“N-Now then… I should also get going and help carry the luggage in.”


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Joshua, who seemed to have come to a certain conclusion, suddenly held up his thumb and started to unbutton his shirt.


“NO NO NO, Joshua, wait! …Ahh, don’t you start stripping! You’re mistaken, Joshua.
It’s different!!!”


William desperately tried to stop Joshua, but he had already gone off to join the loading work just for the sake of entering Emma’s field of vision.


“…He had a nicer body than we thought, huh, Caitlyn?”


“…He had a nicer body than we thought, Catherine.”


While blushing slightly, the twins rushed to collect the shirt Joshua had just thrown off.


Although Joshua, the successor of the Kingdom’s number one company, seemed to be the slender, intellectual type at first glance, he surprisingly had well-trained muscles.

The answer that he, who was good at collecting and analyzing information, arrived at was, “Emma-sama unexpectedly likes muscular men”.
From that day on, he had never skipped muscle building for even a day. 

What made Joshua Joshua was the mentality of never neglecting hard work.


For just an instant.
If he could make Emma glance at him even once, doing muscle building every day wouldn’t feel difficult for Joshua.

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“Oh, it’s fruit-infused water.
So refreshing and delicious ♪”


Unfortunately, Emma’s gaze had shifted to the infused water given to her.


“—! Nee-sama!!! Your timing!!!”




“…Oh, that’s so pitiful, Caitlyn.”


“…Pitiful, indeed, Catherine.”



A few hours later.


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“Everyone, thank you so much for your help.
Thanks to your assistance, we are able to set sail smoothly as soon as Imperial Prince Tasuku arrives.”


Because everyone who had come to help the Holy Maiden together had worked hard, the preparation for the departure was completed earlier than planned.


“What are you talking about, Emma-sama? This much is natural for us to do.”


“If it’s for the Holy Maiden, I’m ready to do anything.”


“Holy Maiden, please return safely.”


“…Um? Everyone? As I always tell you, I feel troubled if you address me like that.
Um… h̲o̲r̲n̲y maiden… I’m definitely not like that, okay? Uh, I’m really not that.”


“The Holy Maiden is a really humble person, isn’t she?”


“I can’t find anyone in the Kingdom who is as worthy of the title of Holy Maiden as Emma-sama!”


“Hahaha, it’s not mistaken! Everyone here knows about the treatment center well, after all.”

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