n wonder.

“You like it too, dont you? A sauce that goes well with almost everything, whether its vegetables, meat, rice, or bread.”

Emma looked at the eggs, vinegar, salt, and oil Melsa prepared, and thought of something.

“Oh, mayonnaise!!!”

” “Mayo!!!!!!” “

George and William immediately reacted to Emmas answer. The men in the Tanaka family always thought it would be great if anything could be eaten with mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce. They were exactly the type of people who were extremely rude to chefs, or in other words, those who preferred the taste of mayo and sauces rather than the natural flavor of the ingredients.



“Meow meow meow?”


The four cats, too, heard George and Williams excited voices shouting for mayonnaise and peeked into the kitchen.

“Koumei-san and the cats too, lets eat it together later, okay?” spoke Emma to the cats while helping the Tarous prepare the mayonnaise. She measured the ingredients, while the Tarous were responsible for mixing them together under Melsas instructions.

” ” ” “Meow♪” ” ” “

“…Emma-sama‘s ability to speak cat language is so amazing. I want to be able to talk to insects too.”

“Im so jealous,” Miguel laughed as he weighed the salt and put a certain amount into different containers.

“It would be a waste to make a lot of sauce at once and fail, so lets split it between everyone and make it individually.”

“Mother, what will you make with this mayonnaise?”

The mayo lover, George, asked Melsa while fidgeting. He didnt fail to notice that behind the baked bread, rice was being cooked inside a steaming pot.Though he heard that they, unfortunately, only had a little rice left.

“Didnt Leonard catch a skipjack tuna yesterday? Making it into sashimi was also super delicious, but the companys staff and the sailors didnt touch it at all. I have to cook the rest of it in the end.”

The Tarous made the big skipjack tuna Leonard caught into sashimi for yesterdays dinner, but the Kingdom people, that was the Rothschild Companys staff and sailors, refused to eat the still “raw food”.

“If Emma-sama thinks its delicious, it must be delicious!” as he said so, Joshua tried the sashimi boldly and seemed to genuinely like it, but no one followed after him.


Translators note: I dont know if this is a Japanese thing, but bringing your own sauces/toppings/chili and adding it in front of the chef without their permission is deemed rude in Japan. The chefs will feel offended because they think youre saying you dont like what they make straight to their faces. Its like buying plain milk tea from a boba tea shop, then adding your own homemade boba in front of the staff.

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