a little. Melsa thought.

(George) “…Which means… with this amount of rice we have left… and one, two… three sheets of seaweeds… One for Imperial Prince Tasuku and one for the Tarous to taste for future reference… only one of us three siblings can eat the sushi roll, huh?”

(Emma & William) ” “Eh?” “

‘I dont get how I counted it to turn out that way, though, George muttered.

(William) “I cant believe the day we three siblings will battle has come again…”

(Emma) “A deathmatch… with tuna mayo sushi roll as stake, I see?”

Upon hearing Georges words, Emma and William also showed their ambition to win.

“U-Um, pardon! Please dont fight over that kind of thing!”

“We dont need to eat, we can give you our share!”

“F-Fighting is not good!”

“Peacefully, lets discuss this peacefully!”

The Tarous were flustered by the dangerous atmosphere hovering around the three siblings.

“M-Melsa-sama, uh, w-what should we do…”

“You dont need to worry about them, Mancio. They are just playing around. Its normal to feel bored after spending a few days on a boat with nothing to do, after all.”

“Good grief.” Melsa sighed and went out of the kitchen to call Leonard. The three siblings deathmatch had always been a Tanaka family event.

“I see. Deathmatch, huh… How nostalgic. So… Melsa, how are you going to decide the match?”

The content of the deathmatch would always be decided by Melsa (Yoriko), which was also a traditional rule of the Tanaka family. The origin of this rule was to prevent the house from getting damaged by the siblings fight. Because Yoriko couldnt let them fight normally, she would give a topic for the three siblings to challenge and decide their victory and defeat based on their results.

The topics ranged from a race to find a four-leaf clover, rock-paper-scissors, a quiz on historical figures of all ages and countries, a mini-game of identifying the cats by their smell with a blindfold, etc.

“Well, no matter what it is, Im putting my bet on Emma.”

Then, the parents would also play by betting on the winner and loser.

In short, it was just a pastime activity for the Tanaka family, who had too much free time.

“The topic this time is a one-round match of mayonnaise emulsification.”

” ” ” “O-One-round match of mayonnaise emulsification…” ” ” ” The family gulped.

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