Yorikos Cooking On Board [Part 3]

“The topic this time is a one-round match of mayonnaise emulsification.”

” ” ” “O-One-round match of mayonnaise emulsification…” ” ” ” The family gulped.

“Add oil to the egg yolks, salt, and vinegar mixture little by little and mix. The amount of oil you have to add, the timing, and the mixing speed are the key points in this match.”

“Emma has the advantage when it comes to cooking. Sure enough, Im still going to bet on Emma.” Leonard was confident in his victory after hearing the content of the match.

“That was naive of you, dear. Cooking also requires strength. Also, you have to adjust the oil with one hand while stirring nonstop with the other… Dexterity is the very key to this match. Did you forget that Emma is the clumsiest of the three siblings? I will bet on George, who has both strength and dexterity.”

“Hahaha, but George is slow-witted, isnt he? He has the risk of failing to remember the procedure and making blunders. He is a double-edged sword.”

Their parents never told the siblings just what exactly they were betting on because it was anadults matter, but they would suddenly become super excited every time. However, whenever it turned into a serious bet, they would also start dissing the siblings relentlessly.

(George) “…Well, even when we have a fight, we will always end up reconciling at around this point, right?”

(Emma) “We cant recover from the emotional damage if we dont lick each others wounds, after all.”

(William) “And Im always not chosen every time…”

Whether or not the diss was part of their parents strategy or just something done unintentionally because they were too enthusiastic about the game still remained a mystery. But the deathmatches that arose from the siblings fighting were usually more or less 80% settled at this stage.


Curious about what everyone was so excited about, Kan-chan drew closer to George.

“Sorry, Kan-chan, not now. I have to focus on an important match in a while.”


“I will play with you later.” George kept Kan-chan away from him.


Similar to Kan-chan, Ryuu-chan also edged up to William.

“Ryuu-chan, too, Im sorry. I cant afford to lose this battle.”


“I will give you some food later.” William kept Ryuu-chan from getting closer.


Similarly, Koumei-san also snuggled up to Emma.

“Koumei-san, dont lean on the table, okay? Hm? Yeah. If youre only going to lie down around my feet, its fine.”


Emma let Koumei wrap her body around her legs as she purred comfortably. Kan-chan and Ryuu-chan, who were pushed away by George and William, too, nestled close to Emma and curled up while rumbling their throats.

“Heh, relaxed arent cha, Emma?”

“The outcome is already clear. The sushi roll will be mine.”

Seeing Emma be surrounded by cats and unable to move, the older and younger brothers were confident in their victory.

“Well then, are you ready?”

*thunk* Melsa put down the oil she had measured beforehand and looked at the three siblings.

“…Eh? …All(?) …of this?”

“N-No way… This must be a mistake, right, Mother… T-This…”

George and William were shaken by the amount of oil Melsa gave them.

“Hold on, mayonnaise… contains this much oil… Eh?”

“I-Its basically just oil, isnt it…”

Compared to the yolk, salt, and vinegar, the amount of oil to be used was much more than they expected.

“Add this whole cup to the mixture while you stir. Youve always put too much mayonnaise on food from long ago. Even saying things that dont make sense like mayonnaise has 0 calories because you eat it with vegetables…”

“I wanted to show you the raw ingredients once,” Melsa pointed at the oil.

“…Youre lying…”

Leonard at the back also received quite a shock.


Chou-chan put his front legs on Leonards shoulders and rested his chin on his head from behind to comfort him with his fluff.

In their past life, Kazushi and Wataru showed signs of having a metabolic syndrome in their later years, so this was a necessary move from Melsa.

George and William got cold feet from the amount of oil presented, while Emma couldnt move much because she was surrounded by cats.

On the bright side, everyone in this deathmatch now was evenly matched, and it became difficult to know who would win.

“Alright, is everyone ready now?”

” “…Yes.” “


” ” “Meoww♪” ” “

Infected by Emma, the cats also replied cheerfully.

“The three siblings deathmatch with sushi roll as the prize! On your marks, ready, go!”

On Melsas cue, the three siblings picked up the oil at once and started making mayonnaise.

“OHHHHHHH!!!” George mixed the contents of his bowl vigorously.

“Amazing, my eyes cant keep up with George-sama‘s speed at all!”

“But Martinho, George-sama… forgot to put the oil in, you know?”

“Putting the oil little by little is important.” William added oil cautiously into his bowl.

“William-sama‘s mixing method is impeccable, isnt it?”

“But, Mancio… isnt adding oil drop by drop a little too fastidious?”

“Mew mew mew meoww.”

“It will be done soon, okay, Koumei-san? Lets put cucumber in the tuna salad too?”


Emma happily cooked while chatting with Koumei.

“What a perfect sight… I want to make her my wife…”

“Hold up, Miguel! Your inner desire is leaking too much, you know? …But, Emma-sama is good at adjusting the oil, huh? Though her other hand is blocked by the cats and not moving at all…”

The match had clearly evolved into a hopeless mess.

Thats right. The Tanaka siblings were children destined to be born under the unlucky star of disappointment by default.

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