The dog who was always leashed slipped out.
Being too excited, it entangled itself with Minato… or so Batman said.


Minato always said to Koumei, who is sleeping in the garden.

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‘The Labrador retriever Love on my way home is scary.’


Minato will desperately run away so pitifully right.


Why do dogs want attention and love? Can’t they suppress their desire in such a big body?


I have to give it some educational guidance.


I found Love fast.


He is loitering in front of the forest and restlessly going back and forth.


“Are you the dog who chases around our Minato?”


*hiss* I talk while threatening him.


The threatened dog is already stepping back, wanting to run away.


“Where’s Minato?”


The dog looked at the forest anxiously.


Blood rushes into my head.


Not letting the scared dog run away, I give him a few cat punches with my claws sticking out.


That forest is dangerous.


You can enter anywhere except that forest.


The dog chased after Minato without thinking and returned to his sense only after seeing Minato escaped into the forest.


If he were an animal that lives naturally, he should have been able to sense that that forest is strange.
The dog didn’t enter the forest because you know it’s dangerous.


While chasing after Minato until the forest…


“If something happens to Minato, it will not just end here!”


I jump at the dog and bite him behind his ears.


“Awoo! Awoo!” *whines*


After seeing the dog running away while barking, Koumei entered the forest without hesitation.

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Aaoo (Minato-, where are you-)


Aaoo (Minato-, answer me-)


Aaoo (Minato-)


I have entered this forest twice.


The first one is when I chased after the crow who kidnapped my baby kitten.


That crow, that demon is living in this forest.


That time… I couldn’t find my child.


Minato… Minato… I must at least find Minato.


Aaoo (Minato-)


Aaoo (Answer me-)


Aaoo (I beg you-)


Aaoo (Please be safe!)


The forest got darker every moment.


We have to get out of this forest before dark.
It’s dangerous to walk in the woods with Minato who can’t see at night.


At least, if I had a bigger body, if I were big enough to carry Minato.


I won’t let my precious children to be done by the forest again.


I will definitely bring back Minato.


Aaoo (Minato-)


Aaoo (Minato-)


Aaoo (Minato-)


I occasionally call Minato while repelling the forest’s miasma with spiritual power.


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…then, if you take a closer look at the forest’s miasma, it is flowing in one direction.


While following the miasma, I advance through the forest and look carefully over the place with the densest miasma.


My view got distorted from the miasma, but I could faintly hear Minato’s crying.


If the field of vision had been distorted this bad, humans might not have been able to find her.


The pitiful Minato is crying inside the miasma.
I’m sure you can’t even move if it’s this dense.




I let out a single sound to clear the miasma with spiritual power.


Minato lifts her head at that sound.






I finally found you.
I respond while blowing the miasma further away.


“Did you come to get me?”




I blow all the miasma around Minato, get closer, and jump to her lap.


When I licked her crying face, Minato laughs softly.


“Thank you, Koumei-san!”




I want to comfort her until she calms down, but it will be dark soon.


We have to get out of the forest quickly.
I meow to say, ‘Follow me,’ to Minato.




I got her back this time, my precious child.


The world immediately tries to snatch away what’s important to me.
I need more power.


The power to protect Minato.

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