Fukushimas Anguish [Part 2]

Fukushimas POV


“Imperial Japan is already in peril. We dont know when Over will shoot. I shall request for Melsa-dono to return immediately upon her arrival in Imperial Japan.“

Imperial Japan couldnt give an apology or any form of compensation if anything were to happen to nobles from the Kingdom. Because by then, the country called Imperial Japan would no longer exist. 

With a deep sigh and heavy steps, I began preparing the reception for the ship from the Kingdom, which would arrive tomorrow.


“…Just what were you thinking… Melsa-dono…“

She previously said that the family she married into was a clan of monster hunters. Her husband she introduced, Count Leonard Stuart, had a sturdy physique that even I, a samurai of Imperial Japan, must acknowledge. However, the next person she introduced, her oldest son, was just a boy who hadnt reached coming of age no matter how I looked at him.

“Why did you bring your child to such a dangerous country…“

Seeing her like this, I could only feel angry while thinking, ‘Dont you understand that this is not supposed to be your family trip? in my heart.

“George always participates in monster hunting, even in the Kingdom. He will definitely not be a burden, so please rest assured.“

Melsa-dono‘s reply didnt answer my question.

Are you saying that youre going to purposefully put your son, who was already able to hunt monsters in the Kingdom, in danger?

A burden? So you will let him partake in Over‘s eradication?

No, before that, are you really planning to get rid of Over?

In Imperial Japan, monster extermination was a samurais job. Not just everyone could do it. It had to be those who showed actual ability and had undergone rigorous training. 

If he truly had the skills and courage to take on monsters at his current age, that was all the more reason not to bring him here. It was a waste of human life.

“Mother? Is there something wrong?“

“Hm? No, everythings alright, William. You dont have to worry.“

A child drew closer to me from behind all of a sudden.

Huh? A child?

“Fukushima-sama. This is my second son, William.“

Cued by his mother, the child bobbed his head.

“M-M-Melsa-dono?! You even bring such a young child…!!!“

I was only dismayed by her lack of crisis management.

This boy is too young! Although her eldest son, George, is also a minor, I can tell that he has trained a lot. But this child here… Isnt he just a small boy?!

“William is a bright child. He has abundant knowledge of monsters and will surely be helpful.“

I once heard that there were those who people called child prodigies in the world, but that was all the more the reason not to bring him to Imperial Japan, right?

What should I rebuke her for first? Forget it. I will just have them return to the Kingdom as is.

“Wow!!! Mother! Those streets in the distance are all red! Like Mother and Imperial Prince Tasuku said, the buildings are dyed with iron oxide powder, right?“

There was one girl who rushed over here, several steps slower than the boy.

…W-Wait… A girl…?!

That sight of her being overly excited about the townscape seen from the port was insanely cute, but… she didnt seem to have any of Melsa-dono‘s heroic vibes.

On the contrary, she was so thin that it seemed like her bones would break with just the slightest force. Furthermore, that fair skin and delicate features…

On that delicate face, there was a glaring, pitiful scar.

That, t-that— She definitely has a weak body, doesnt she?!

She must be a sheltered girl who was raised preciously like a princess, right?!

Huh? Huhh? HUHHH?

Melsa-dono‘s crisis management… is ZEROOO! No, isnt it actually in the negative?

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