se since some time ago…“

Even the calm and collected Ishida was caught off guard by this family, who had been nothing but unpredictable. Although it seemed like he was most curious about why they could speak Imperial Japanese, which couldnt be understood in any country, so fluently.

“Oh! It came off so naturally that I didnt realize weve been speaking in Imperial Japanese!“

I was also belatedly surprised. I didnt even notice that because I had been too caught up in the familys pace ever since we met.

“Everyone in the Stuart family can speak Imperial Japanese! We studied a lot.” The girl smiled cheerfully.



“Ah, uhh. Thank you for coming all the way here to Imperial Japan, but the situation in this country has already turned very dangerous. It would be better for you to go back to the Kingdom as it is.“

I went to the port just to say this.

This is weird… the girls smile is too cute.

“Fukushima-sama? We didnt just spend the last few months idly. We have been properly putting together a countermeasure.“

“If Imperial Japan will surely perish if we return to the Kingdom as is, we definitely cannot leave it alone! (Or else we cant eat rice anymore!).” The girl supported what the Count said to persuade me.

“Dont tell me that this cute… this girl will also go to Over‘s propagation place?“

Theres no way I could give them the authorization.

We have a debt of gratitude to the Kingdom for the food aid.

To bite the hand that feeds us… I couldnt do it as a samurai.

“If thats the case, let me give them that permission.“

Imperial Prince Tasuku got off the ship with the ninjas and the Tarous.

” “I-Imperial Prince Tasuku.” ” Ishida and I bowed our heads. Although I already knew from the message, I still found it regrettable that he had really returned.

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