The abacus in Ishidas mind started calculating the value of this piece of information.

“Eh? Isnt it important to share the knowledge of monsters with everyone? I will not be stingy on anything related to the life and death of someone.“

Facing Ishidas question, the girl asked him back, “Is there anything I should hesitate about?” as she tilted her head.

” “…Its the Holy Maiden…” “

The world is vast, indeed.

To think that there was a girl who could dedicate herself this much for the greater good…

For a moment, Ishida and I felt like we were liberated from Over‘s threat and the sorrow of Imperial Japans destruction.

“!!! I will emphasize this, I really am not a h̲o̲r̲n̲y maiden!“

I was even more soothed by how she denied it hastily in humbleness.

This girl right here is a Holy Maiden, moreover an angel.

End of Fukushimas POV

“I-Imperial Prince Tasuku! Please dont ever call me a h̲o̲r̲n̲y maiden!“

“I think you should admit it anytime now, though? Lady Emma?“

“S-So mean!“

The Stuart family, Imperial Prince Tasuku, the Tarous, the ninjas, Fukushima, and Ishida all burst into laughter at this exchange.

That cheerful sound also reached Imperial Japanese citizens who had given up on everything, and it helped them remember the happy feelings they had once forgotten. It made them realize that just because Imperial Japan would perish, it didnt mean that they had to live their days in melancholy.

Smiles had become infectious among many Imperial Japanese people who had evacuated to the north.

Even though she was the one who started all this, Emma, had mixed feelings as she laughed bitterly. 

“…Is this really happening? Am I really being treated as a h̲o̲r̲n̲y girl as soon as I arrive in Imperial Japan?! Eh? No way, right? Wasnt I just grinning a little because Fukushima-sama looks like a cool (used-to-be-wild-but-is-now-calm-and-refined-type-of) old man?!“

The girls complaint was drowned out by everyones laughter.


Authors words: Old Man Hoi Hoi is in effect.

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