The First Seed [Part 3]

Fukushimas POV

The seeds would fly while still being wrapped in a hard capsule, and the impact of the fall would leave a deep cavity in the ground. With the momentum of the capsule bursting open when it hit the ground, the seed would continue to tunnel through a vast area underground. So even if we dug the crash site, the seed wouldnt be there. Because it had already traveled underground to who knows where. The things we could find in the landing area would only be the debris of the capsule and a soft cushioning material that protected the seed.

Even if we gathered all the skillful miners from the magic stone mine to dig and search the underground area, we still wouldnt be able to find the seed.

Over had also entered its final phase. Even if we managed to deal with the hardness of the stems, the problems we had to face after that would still pile up into a mountain.

“Excuse me… Ive been curious about something since some time ago…“

The youngest one, William-kyun… ahem, Willliam-kun raised his hand timidly.

“Thatcrater‘ you spoke of just now… is the Kingdom language… isnt it?Over‘ andHoly Maiden‘ too… Do those words coincidentally have similar meanings and pronunciations in Imperial Japanese?“

“Then doesnt this mean that actually, all Imperial Japanese can pretty much speak the Kingdom language?” He further added while tilting his head.

Such brilliance… William-kyu… –kun was really as intelligent as Melsa-dono said.

“Well, William-kun, the words crater, Over, and Holy Maiden all originated from the language of a country calledHua Kingdom. Although it had perished a long time ago, it used to be a big country, you see. The origin of the Kingdom language is the Imperial language, right? The Empire is also an old country, so its safe to assume that it used to have friendly exchanges with the Hua Kingdom.“

…was what Imperial Prince Tasuku said when he just started learning the Kingdom language.Though it seemed like only Imperial Japanese people thought that the pronunciations were similar.

“! I did not know about that at all… I wonder why I didnt notice it until now.“

“Fukushima-sama, you are amazing!” William-kun‘s eyes sparkled brightly.

This… doesnt feel too bad…

“Fukushima-sama, as we will begin subjugating Over from here on out, I would like to introduce you to some children.“

Melsa-dono stood in front of William-kun and glared at me.

“C-Cough… there are some children you wish to introduce?“

Wait, what did she say before that?

Subjugating Over?

“Yes. However, I want you to first promise me to keep anything related to these children a secret.“

Melsa-dono demanded menacingly. I could even hear rumbling sounds from the overwhelming pressure she emitted.

“A secret?“

“Yes. It would be bad if the Kingdom knew the existence of these children (mainly the insects).“

…Did she bring a knight under the Royal Family on this trip without permission?

I glanced at several other carriages beside the one the family rode in.

And not only Melsa-dono but the whole family also gazed down at me with the same threatening atmosphere.

“Fukushima-sama, they are very precious treasures of mine. I want to keep it a secret from the Kingdom… and from other Imperial Japanese people too if possible!“

Lady Emma looked at me with pleading hands.

Treasure… Did they bring out part of the Kingdoms heritage, like a sacred sword or something?

The other samurai escorts behind me also tensed up.

I could only assume that the family had brought over an outrageous object here without the Kingdoms permission.

Now, not only the family, but I also must return that item to the Kingdom safely.

They really intended to defeat Over in their own way.

And no samurai in Imperial Japan could bear to throw cold water on that spirit.

“I shall give you my promise.“

The samurai escorts behind me also nodded their heads.

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