“Fukushima-sama, these are our pet cats. They are Koumei-san and Ryuu-chan, the calico cats, Kan-chan, the black cat, and Chou-chan, the white cat♪“

Lady Emma smiled cheerily.


“Yes, cats.“

They certainly meowed earlier…

That spoiled behavior, that calico pattern, and those paws were also those of a cat. But…

“…Arent they a bit too huge?“

Despite being like this, I had the pride of experiencing samurai training. I had trained my mind and body to not be perturbed by anything. Even so, I still couldnt readily accept that these animals that appeared before me were cats. But on the contrary, I also couldnt deny the possibility of such cats existing either.

Surely, the form was that of a cat.

But that size was not the size of the cats that I knew of.

The cats that I knew were of a size that let them snug perfectly on a persons lap.

Were there even cats that were bigger than a tiger like this?

No matter how much I tried to understate their size, they were still bigger than the tiger Katou had once defeated and showed to me to brag.

“Are cats in Imperial Japan smaller?“

Melsa-dono looked at me, still with that menacing aura.

This size was normal… for cats in the Kingdom…?

No way, thats impossi… Huh? Wait…

Could it be that the cats in the world gigantified while Imperial Japan was still in national isolation?

Did such a thing… happen?

When I glanced at the samurai escorts behind me, I saw that I wasnt the only one who was shocked. Now I could say for sure that it wasnt us, but this family that was abnormal.

Just what exactly were cats, again…?

“I-I at the very least have never seen such big cats…!“


*rumble rumble*


At that time, the first seed of Over, which no one ever hoped for, was shot, and it flew and landed. The landing point was probably a few kilometers away, but the ground shook from the impact of the fall.


“The ground!“


“Such a terrible earthquake—!“

Everyone lost their balance and fell to the ground.

The samurais turned pale at the thought of the earthquake shocks being able to make Over shoot out the second and third seed.

That hell had started once again.

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