The First Seed [Part 5]

Fukushimas POV

“…Is it over? Is everyone alright? No ones hurt?“

When I looked up, I saw the Stuart familys cat-like creatures covering and protecting each of their masters with their bodies. Such dependable pets…

“Scary! Over is scary! What the heck was that tremor?!“

William-kun expressed his fright while being helped up by the cat.

“We have a trauma of earthquakes, after all~“

After letting go of the hands which were clinging to the cats neck, Lady Emma brushed the dust off her clothes and directed her gaze towards the spot where Over‘s first seed had fallen.

Despite experiencing the landing of Over‘s seed at such a close distance, neither the two of them cried or shrieked. The courage those two small children had was really beyond my belief.

“Im going to take a look.“

George-kun mounted the cats back nimbly and headed toward the landing point.

…Once again, could cats be ridden?

“Ah, Nii-sama! Im going too!“

“Me too~“

William-kun and Lady Emma also rode their cats and chased after George-kun.

“Wait…! The cats… are so fast…“

I didnt even have the chance to stop them.

“Sigh… I will head there too.“

After letting out a sigh which seemed like it could freeze the atmosphere, Melsa-dono also straddled the white cat and followed after them.

Only the samurais, including me, and Count Stuart were left there.



“…Can I go too?“

After an awkward silence, the Count asked in a reserved manner.

In both a good and a bad way, if almost everyone in the family we should protect had headed over there, we had no choice but to go there too.

“…Someone… please lend a horse to the Count.“ 

The samurais finally got up from the ground, albeit they were still several beats slower than the family. While giving them a sidelong glance, I ordered them to prepare a horse.

I didnt know how far the cats could run while carrying someone on their backs, but the landing point appeared to be a few kilometers away.

“Oh, its okay, no need for a horse. Ill just run there. You all doesnt have to rush. You can take your time.“

After the Count said that, he moved to the front of the horse that was pulling the cats carriage… and removed its headgear (now that I looked at it again, that was actually a donkey?).




On the donkeys head, there was an outrageously big purple spider. Its hugeness could even make a samurai cry out in alarm.

“Violet, can I ask for a favor again?” The Count talked to that huge spider.

…Is he drunk?


“Well then, I will leave first.“

The spider rustled on the Counts arm, and as soon as it reached his head, the Count turned to face us and waved his hand.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

We traveled by horse, so we would definitely be able to catch up…!!!!!


The Count, with a spider riding on his head, disappeared.


“W-W-What was that…? Fukushima-sama, just w-what exactly is t-that family…?“

Even if you asked me, I was also confused. That was what I wanted to ask too.

The only thing I could say was…

“A samurai will never go back on his own words. All of you, dont speak a word about this to anyone.“

…was this.

I mounted my horse to go after the family and left a few escorts behind to keep watch of the carriages.

“P-Pardon… Fukushima-sama!“

One of the samurais assigned as lookout called out to me as if he had made up his mind about something.

“Whats wrong?“

Guarding the carriages was also a commendable job.

Now that the first Over seed had been shot, standing here at this point in time had turned into a life-threatening mission.

There shouldnt be any samurais who would complain about their duty…

“Yes, its about the Stuart familys carriage over there… I keep hearing rustling sounds from it… Just what exactly is inside?“

Theres still something else?!

“…Just leave it as is.“

Leaving the ashen-faced samurai behind, I went after the Stuart family.


Authors words: What could have driven them was… Could someone please tell Fukushima-san that it was rice?

Translators note: The Tanaka Family Reincarnates light novel volume 4 is out now! Purchase the book to support the author: 

KADOKAWA 田中家、転生する。4


Volume 4s cover is so cool!

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