con who prioritized holding Emma up over his tiredness after a long trip.

The father, Leonard, also hurriedly came out wearing a gown over his pajamas.
He is surprised at his younger brother’s sudden return.

Anyhow, it takes 15 days by horse carriage from the royal capital to Palace territory and a month for a round trip.
It’s not at a distance where you can come easily.

“Long time no see.
Big Brother Leonard.
I will talk about the details later… By the way… cats? Aren’t they too huge?”

Needless to say, Emma has been sleeping together with Koumei every night since then.

The other cats are sleeping in others’ rooms one by one.

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Because Jack shouted, the vigilant cats also came out of the room.

“Uncle! I will introduce you, the calico cat Shokatsu Koumei, nicknamed Koumei-san.”


The cat introduced by Emma gives a greeting.

“And Koumei-san‘s daughter Ryuubi, Ryuu-chan, and Ryuu-chan‘s sons, the black cat Kan’u and the white cat Chouhi… Kan-chan Chou-chan.”

(Kan’u = Guan Yu, Chouhi = Zhang Fei.
Both are Chinese war heroes alongside Liu Bei (Ryuubi))

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” ” “Meow” ” “

The cats who are further introduced give a greeting.

“Nice to meet you… huh? Can cats greet people?”

‘Well, it’s fine since Emma looks happy,’ Arban thinks.
The Stuart’s blood is definitely also flowing in Arban.
He doesn’t think much.
It’s supposed to be something a smart person is shocked about.

Anyway… because of one word from the mother Melsa, who came after changing her clothes, the dusty Arban bathed, Emma and the others got dressed, had breakfast earlier than usual, and moved from the dining room to the living room to hear Arban’s story while drinking tea.


Author’s note: I finally wrote all the cats’ names.
Though the names are predictable

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