It was normal.

Koumei-san, who runs along because she gets into the mood, catches up to her in no time.

George could catch up composedly, William could catch up if he did his best.
It was like a usual noble daughter running.


Already running out of breath without being able to run a full lap, Emma tilts her head in confusion.

That time she ran for how many kilometers without getting tired.
Furthermore, maybe because she wasn’t found out, so she didn’t say it, but Emma also feels like she couldn’t do the 2-meter jump.

Leonard and Melsa both look at George.

“No, no, it wasn’t a lie, alright! Moreover, in pitch dark, she ran without hesitation at all! With slippers!”

Emma, who is too impatient to change into shoes, ran with slippers.
The next morning, Martha, who just calmed down from the shock, found the muddy slippers and scolded Emma even more.

“……because it was at night?”

William suggested that maybe Emma’s feet can become fast with a condition.

‘I hope you don’t say it like I’m some kind of werewolf or a vampire,’ Emma thought.
But she still goes out at night to the garden while rubbing her sleepy eyes, and with the whole family and cats watching, runs.

It was normal.

Koumei-san, who runs together, also runs behind Emma leisurely.

Because the night is dangerous, she’s such a kind cat.

As Emma can’t see well in the dark, she is slower than at noon.

That time she didn’t bother the night darkness.
She only thought that it was dark after her feet were caught by the men that make her fell down…

“Is it a brute power coming from a sense of crisis?”

While groaning, ‘Ummm,’ William tries to explain some unexplainable phenomenon.

Leonard and Melsa both look at George.

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“…it really is not a lie, you know?”

‘Even if I lie, there’s no use…’ George says but with a voice that gradually becomes smaller.

The atmosphere of nothing being unsolved surrounded the whole family in an instant.

At that moment, Koumei-san put his front paw on Emma’s head.


The paw is squishy on the head, and it feels good.

” ” “Ah-!” ” “

The three siblings exclaim at the same time.

” ” “Spider-!” ” “

Now that you mention it, the spider rode on my head that time.

William goes to take the spider at once.

During the time William went, Emma was greeted by the misfortune of getting scolded for running with a spider on her head.
She reaps what she sows.

The mother, Melsa, looks at the spider William brought and frowns.

It clearly becomes bigger than the time Emma showed it to her gleefully when she just caught it.
It’s not the size of a spider anymore.

Even if it’s a big enough spider that could make Martha shrieks and runs away, Melsa is different from other countesses.
She is Emma’s mother.
In her previous life as Yoriko, she was born into a rural farmer family and married to a family in the countryside.

She is relatively calm.
She is the best in the family in terms of how to settle our guts.

Leonard is a bit close to her.

That spider rides on Emma’s head.

The picture is terrible.

“Ah, maybe I can see the road a little brighter.”

Emma says that and starts running.


It was a speed that exceeds Leonard and Melsa’s expectations.

It was that run that tormented George and William.

All four cats happily chase after Emma.

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“See, it wasn’t a lie!”

George looks triumphantly at his parents, but Leonard and Melsa think it was better to be a lie.


“…and that’s what happened.”

Emma talked about what happened a few days ago to her favorite uncle.

She hides the thing about the family reincarnation but recalling the reunion with Koumei-san and the others, she becomes happy and can’t help smiling.

“I don’t know where I should point out anymore…”

Arban holds his head together with a sigh.

Within the time I went to university, my family (mainly Emma) becomes weird.

The sericulture I specialized in learning got passed by my niece and nephews, and with no time for my self-esteem to feel hurt, there’s a spider and cats with mysterious stories and evidence.

“But I’m not allowed to put the spider on my head outside Emma’s shed, so it’s a waste of talent.”

Emma downheartedly says.

A daughter of a count is forbidden to let a spider rides on her head.

This can’t be seen outside the family.

She is being told that by her mother strictly.

While patting Emma’s head, Arban abandons all his hope.

Well, if Emma is cute, then all’s good.

The cats are also cute, it’s all good.
It’s huge though.

The spider is also pretty, it’s all good.
It’s big though.

To researchers, it’s also important to know how to quit.

Everything is good because Emma is cute.

I won’t think deeply about my niece-con.

I’m protecting myself by not thinking much.

In this case, if I think, then I lose.


Author’s note: The story keeps talking about insects.

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