Chapter 26 – Masterpiece

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The tea party that was held in haste is unfortunately greeted by cloudy weather.

The sky that looks like it’s going to rain seemed to reflect our tense feeling of hosting the royal family at our tea party.

The bigger than normal cats are taking refuge in Emma’s shed.
In case there is some rude person who wants to search the secret of Palace’s silk, they also play the role of watchdogs, no, watchcats.

Hopefully, this tea party, which has all noble families who want to have an affinity with the royal family gathered by Melsa’s harassment, has a different feel from the last tea party.

Because of the unstable weather, we have a tea party inside the mansion, not a garden party.
Noble sons and daughters who came are mostly from families with the rank of a count and above.
I wore an informal or ceremonial dress last time, but this time I was fully dressed in the style of high society.

And then… the prince and princess didn’t show up even after the starting time passed.





No way, we couldn’t even start the tea party leaving the royal family behind.

No way, we couldn’t even have friendly chats leaving the royal family behind.

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The awkward, silent state continues.

Matching with her eye color, Emma wears a light green dress that is very simple compared to other noble daughters.
The current fashion trend is the so-called off-shoulder, a design that boldly shows off one shoulder.
In a mainstream, all young ladies, except Emma, wears a dress that has a pretty high level of exposure.

Emma, who has no chest and has thin limbs based on her age, hides every part she could hide as if to cover it.
She also has her corset loosen for the cakes.

Suitable rather than fashion.
Comfort rather than fashion.
She really didn’t want to overdo it.

George and William are dressed in black formal wear designed with some Stuart’s purple here and there.

Purple is the Stuart family color, so the boys must have some purple on their attires.

In the silence, the invited noble sons glance at Emma from time to time reservedly.

Being nobles and a count or above, they are well educated.

All the young ladies overflow with confidence and keep their appearance in check.
The figures of them waiting for the royal family are tense like they are ready for battle.

In the middle of all that, there are no noble sons whose hearts don’t throb from Emma’s fragile appearance.

Even when Emma makes droopy eyes downheartedly because she can’t eat the cakes in front of her since the prince and the princess are late, and even when Emma clenches her fist tightly so her stomach won’t grumble, it transforms into ‘She is shaking from the nervousness!’ and ‘I want to protect her!’

For some reason, the strange phenomenon of Emma’s rising esteem will continue at each tea party.


We are in silence for almost an hour.
Finally, the announcement that the second prince, princess, and their mother, the king’s concubine have arrived comes.

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All present rises from their seats and faces the door bowing to welcome the royal family.

The royal consort Rose Alicia Royal came in with a sweet voice along with Leonard, who went out to welcome them.

“Forgive me, I just could not seem to decide what to wear…”

“What is your highness saying.
It is us being discourteous.
The royal family should not apologize so easily.”

“That is right, isn’t it.
I am still not used to the customs, sorry… ah, I apologized again, didn’t I? Fufufu”

Everyone who is still bowing can’t help but retort (choosing dress?!) inside their minds.

‘The royal family doesn’t need to apologize.’ If we were to put it backward means ‘The royal family must not make any situation that could require their apology to happen.’

Couldn’t decide what to wear, you said… Are you a girl on her first date!

Not used to it, you said… You have been a royal consort for more than 15 years, you know?

If you speak it out, you will be put in jail immediately for lese majeste, but you can say whatever you want inside your mind.

Rose calls out to the bowing young ladies and sons to take it easy and stop bowing.

At that, I lift my head for the first time.

There stands a beautiful black-haired prince and princess in front of my eyes.

The slightly sullen-looking prince is full of royal dignity, coupled with his well-defined features, he has a cold impression.

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The princess who holds the prince’s sleeve as if hiding behind him has her black hair tied up neatly and wears a red dress that matches her mother.

Everyone lifted their faces and tried their best to hide their astonishment.

The royal lineage has black hair.
It is a well-known fact.

But those who have met the royal family before today can be counted with one hand.

Most of them are fascinated by the first black hair they saw.

To the people in this world, this special hair color is something that most people will never see in their whole life.
It is said that even the closest person to the royal family, the prime minister, will always be nervous every time he sees it.

Black hair gives a sense of awe like they are not human beings.

The three siblings’ expression is also the same.

But, their line of sight is slightly off.

As natural-born Japanese, born in the countryside, the three siblings have no reaction towards black hair.

Rather, they feel relief seeing it.

When everyone’s sight is pointed towards the prince and the princess’s hair, the three siblings look past the prince and the princess and towards the royal concubine Rose Alicia Royal.
Consort Rose’s hair is orange, her eyes are hazel, not an unusual color at all.
It’s just…

Let’s just say it straightforwardly.

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She has huge breasts.


The huge breasts we only see in manga is right there.

Moreover, the fashion trend now is off-shoulder.

Her huge breasts are exploding.

There are also some big-breasted Japanese.
I’ve never seen huge breasts, but I’m sure some have it.
But usually, Japanese who have big breasts tend to hide them.

Bras that can make your breasts look smaller is also popular.

The three siblings have never seen someone who openly exposes her huge breasts like this.

Strangely, our eyes are fixed on the natural huge breasts that have less chance of seeing than the chance of people in this world see black hair.


It’s a masterpiece boob that surpassed any preference of big breasts and small breasts.


Author’s note: Huge breasts are more SSR than the prince and princess.

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