Chapter 27 – Are You a Goddess?

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Emma’s eyes turned to other places after looking at the huge breasts enough.

Minato, who had experienced her thirties, says.

This beauty doesn’t just put an ordinary effort…

Her skin, which should have started aging, remains moist and spotless.
Has Minato spent 35 years, figured it out? My beauty sensor can easily judge the skin condition even when covered with makeup.

When I noticed it in my late twenties, excess fats started to show without my permission from who knows when on my upper arm and back.

Minato noticed when she’s around 28.
Even though my body weight hadn’t changed at all, it appeared silently and surely without my knowledge.

Her hair is glossy, and the hair roots look fine too.

When Minato is 30, it seemed that her tangled hair became worse…

Furthermore, her waist and stomach, which should’ve already given birth to two children, are still tight.

On top of her splendid foundation, she has the rare huge breasts.

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Rose Alicia Royal-sama… She is not an ordinary person.

As the tea party organizer, Emma, her older brother, and her younger brother are the first ones to introduce themselves and greet the prince and the princess.

The prince and the princess also have beautiful features, but not to Rose’s extent.
After introducing myself and greeting them (so as not to be rude), I drifted away from that place quickly.
Then, we go towards Rose together.

It is our first meeting.
I am the eldest son George Stuart.”

“The second son William Stuart.”

“The eldest daughter Emma Stuart.”

We curt more obviously polite than when we greeted the prince and princess.

Rose Alicia Royal let us raise our head with a beautiful gesture and give a smile.

Minato’s beauty sensor reacts once again.

She doesn’t even have smile lines…?

(T/N: Smile lines -> go search nasolabial fold)

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Is she a goddess?

Are you a goddess?

She has surpassed any human limits.

Rose looks at the three siblings strangely and asks.

“You… Is it fine for you not talking to Edward and Jadwiga like everyone else?”

The prince Edward Torse Royal and the princess Jadwiga Hal Royal are being surrounded by noble sons and daughters who want to get closer to the royal family.

From Rose’s point of view, the prince has a calm and cold expression like usual, and the princess exhibited her shyness to the maximum.
But she knows that their black hair is dazzling and charming to the people in this country.

The three siblings’ reaction is unusual.
They haven’t reacted at all until now.


Is it even possible… that her voice… is also pretty?

Minato’s beauty sensor responded to Rose’s natural alto voice, instead of the deliberate sweet voice she used to Leonard just now.
The sensor’s warning sound of ‘Pii pii pii pii‘ has been ringing inside her head.

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“Yes! I wish to talk to Rose-sama.
Why is Rose-sama so beautiful? Is Rose-sama a goddess? Your skin’s smoothness definitely exceeds that of silk! Your hair is silkier than silk threads too! Also, your style is perfect! Eh? Are you a goddess? How far does heaven treat Rose-sama specially… umphh-“

In the middle of speaking her heart out, William blocks her mouth.

“My elder sister is too excited.”

“*gasp* Haahhh! But William! This kind of beauty needs unordinary effort! And more than anything, that huge br… Umphh”

She got blocked again.

This time it’s George.

“My apologies, Rose-sama.
My younger sister does not pay attention to her surroundings when she is extremely absorbed.
She is very curious about the beautiful Rose-sama.”

“Haahhh! Big brother too, listen! In addition to her natural beauty, her self-restraint and efforts… she doesn’t neglect high-quality care… ?”

Emma takes a look at Rose’s face cautiously and is even more astonished.

The previously cosmetic otaku, Minato’s beauty sensor is boasting its high-performance sensing ability.

“We are sorry once again.”

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George and William grip Emma’s head and bow it forcefully at the same time.

“Fuffufufu, hohohoho fuffufufu, hohohoho”

Rose looks at the three siblings’ skit-like exchange and laughs spontaneously.

When she starts laughing, maybe because she couldn’t stop, she covers her mouth and laughs ‘Kukuku’ with her shoulder shaking.

“The way she laughs is also cute!”



The skit is starting again abruptly.

Rose Alicia Royal, accompanied by the three siblings, keep laughing that day.


Author’s note: Do you like pretty older sisters?

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