e found out have distracted my irritated feeling.

In the middle of that, I heard the rumors of the Stuarts’ tea party.

The first in the country, the wealthy Palace territory’s lord is searching for fiancees.

It’s far to Palace, but for the extravagant and vulgar concubine, it’s the place she wants to get along with.
If the only daughter between the three siblings become the prince’s fiancee, the money I can use may increase somewhat.

Like smashing my calculative thought, my participation got turned down.
But a few days after that, I heard rumors from the invitees.

“The eldest son George-sama is such a wonderful child who has been active in monster hunting at 15 years old of age.
He has skills and is very masculine.
He is a reliable child who takes good care of younger children.”


“The eldest daughter Emma-sama has an obedient personality and seems shy, but she tried her best to entertain the invitees.
And that figure of her is so lovable it makes one wants to protect her.
More than anything, her smile is unthinkably cute.
Cute in any way.
Incredibly cute.”


“The second son William-sama is a transient pretty boy.
The mothers and maids who accompanied the children all fall for him.”

Or like that.

Unrestrained and clueless children couldn’t have such good rumors at the main tea party.
But, no matter how many rumors I gathered, there was not even a single ill-spoken word.

The false letter where I lied about my social status might also be turned down deliberately.
The Stuart count family is such a house that could manipulate information this perfect.

I would certainly like to meet them.

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With a good chance, I happened to get information that Arban Stuart, who was supposed to be in the royal capital, was staying in the neighboring Kiary territory.

I immediately sent out my messenger to give him my message.

If I do it like this, they won’t be able to turn me down, right.

Shortly after, a written invitation to the Stuarts’ tea party came.

I arrived nearly an hour late, like・usual.

Count Stuart came out to greet me.

I felt something is out of place here.
Without knowing what immediately,

I spoke sweetly to Count Stuart in front of the countess, like・usual.

I also felt something is out of place here.

The mansion’s size and flashiness are not worthy of the wealthiest lord in the royal capital, but the solid and neat structure gives off a good feeling.

I was guided to the hall, then when everyone lifted their faces after I dismissed their bow, I finally realized what felt out of place.

Around 20 children and their accompanying mothers and maids were looking at the prince like・usual.
They stare at the prince’s black hair intently.

In the middle of that, only three children with the same shade of blond, who seem to be siblings, were looking at me.

They were not looking at the prince, but at me with the expression like those that were looking at the prince.

It’s probably the three siblings from the Stuart family, right.

And also, I realized that just then, Count and Countess Stuart looked at me first without looking at the prince’s black hair.


Only the Stuart family looked at me.

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It’s the gaze I’m pursuing for since the day the prince was born.

Catching their breath like seeing the most beautiful person at the moment they see me.

The nostalgic feeling of those days.

The Stuart count family give me an admiring look.

It’s only that, but it has slowly and gradually satisfied me.

I am now recognized as the genuine Rose Alicia Royal as an individual, not as the prince’s mother.

After that, the three siblings came to my side, ignoring my son and daughter.

The eldest daughter Emma, who was rumored to have an obedient personality, praises my beauty with great vigour.

Even if her older and younger brother on her both sides warn her, she doesn’t lose heart and continues to praise me from a viewpoint that does not seem to be a child’s.

That appearance was so cute that I couldn’t stop laughing.

How many years has it been since I last laughed genuinely from the bottom of my heart?

Even though I thought that I hadn’t laugh since when and even forgot how to laugh.

There is one thing for sure.

The eldest daughter Emma Stuart is unthinkably cute.
Cute in any way.
Incredibly cute.

When I ask ‘Emma, do you want to be my son’s wife?’ playfully,

“Pardon me, but rather than the prince, I want to marry Rose-sama!”

She answers like that.

Really cute.

She is too cute for my son.

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