As expected of someone who accomplished the test of so many silkworms’ samples without making mistakes.

“Somehow… I kind of feel that my gaming knowledge will be useful.”

George also seems to have grasped something.

“Then! I will make a karuta for you! Monsters karuta! It will be great to memorize while playing.”

Lately, I can’t understand part of what Emma is saying, but George looks happy, and William is eager to help, so let’s just leave it.
I’m lonely, though.

“Umm… How is today’s tea party?”

Nobody shows signs of being in low spirits, but I’m curious and ask.

” ” “It was so much fun!!” ” “

The three siblings excitedly say at the same time.

It’s indeed the first time for the three siblings to meet the royal family.
The prince and the princess’ black hair is a beauty rarely seen in recent years, so maybe they didn’t have any impression of Rose-sama‘s selfishness? Even so, maybe my brother and sister-in-law have an unpleasant experience.
But when I look at my older brother, he nodded with satisfaction to the siblings.

“To think that such a beautiful person exists.”

If even my older brother is entranced with the prince and the princess, wouldn’t Rose-sama surely get angry…

“Uncle! Next time Rose-sama will introduce me to her family, you see! I’m super looking forward to it.”

Emma happily says.

There are no girls that won’t fall in love when they see Prince Edward’s black hair.

It’s a saying I often heard at the royal capital, but even my Emma…

“Emma, I understand you admire the black-haired prince, but Rose-sama is infamous in the royal capital, so you would better not think about getting engaged…”

“Why! Is Rose-sama‘s reputation not good?”

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William let out a surprised voice.

“She spends too much money on dresses and various things, and the dresses are also… too exposed, or vulgar…”

Emma is trembling.
I wonder if Rose-sama is being harassed.

“It seems those people in the royal capital don’t understand anything.”

Emma exhales.

“The amount of money needed for such Rose-sama‘s beauty is just an insignificant amount!”



“Dresses that could fit a jewel-like body acquired from the accumulation of daily efforts can’t possibly be cheap goods!”


“Those people who say she is vulgar even though she has generously exposed her beautiful body to us need their character to be questioned first!”

“…hn, hn? Emma… what? …eh?”

“Rose-sama is a national treasure.
Isn’t it obvious for a national treasure to be costly!”

When I look around, Leonard, George, and William are nodding as if affirming Emma’s words.

After returning home after a long time, I notice a feeling of alienation once in a while.

“Eh? Does Emma like Rose-sama, not the prince’s black hair?” 

“Uncle-sama? Isn’t it natural that the royal family’s hair is black?

Everyone gives me a ‘what is this guy saying’ look.
Am I the weird one?

“Does uncle have no thought towards Rose-sama‘s beautiful body?”

I am looked at by Emma with eyes that seem to be saying, ‘this guy is hopeless.’ It appears that I can’t recover my standing as her uncle.
How painful.

In fact, I have seen her several times in the royal capital’s high society, but to be honest, I haven’t really look at her because the prince and the princess were always nearby.

“Arban… you have no eyes for women.”

My older brother looks at me as if I am a pathetic child even more.

No, George and William also look at me like that.

“If the country says such mean things, let’s make Rose-sama‘s clothing ourselves, Dad.”

George suggests an outrageous thing.

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The cost of clothing for the King’s concubine is already tremendous.
More than that, Rose is criticized for choosing high-end products excessively.

“What a good idea! George! Let’s do so!”

An unexpected immediate reply!

“Father! Let’s use all the things from Emma’s shed for the fabric.
My artistic side can’t help but get excited to be able to decorate that beautiful body!”


This is also what I learned after returning home.
The most valuable, high-quality, and expensive silk of all Palace’s silk goods is the one from the silkworm that Emma raised.
However, although it is on a scale that is beyond the scope of Emma’s hobby, it is still a rare item with a proportion of less than 0.003% of the total silk on the market.

It’s an astronomical price to use all that on Rose-sama‘s clothing.

“Emma… If you do that sort of thing, we will be bankrupt, you know!”

“…? It’s fine, uncle.
We have abundant stock.
It’s just, we end up selling it in small amounts because Joshua’s father wants to raise the market value.”

‘It’s just a merchant’s wit,’ Emma happy-go-luckily answer.

All Palace’s silk sales are monopolized by the company managed by Joshua’s father.

It is this father’s skill that makes the company much wealthier than the Stuart family.
He is also a significant and indispensable existence to the Stuarts, who are not good with troublesome stuff but have good craftsmanship.

To be frank, we mostly just leave it to and rely on him.

Just like this, all the fabrics worn by Rose Alicia Royal after this will be the phantom silk “Emma silk,” which is hard to get even with a lot of money.

The Stuart family is completely unaware, but in the royal capital, the rumors that the disappearing leading nobles of the second prince’s faction has emerged and is planning to make the prince King and the eldest daughter of the Stuart family Queen is spreading around.

The Stuart family is using an enormous fortune to take possession of the country.
The royal concubine sold the prince and princess to the Stuart count family for money.
The prince and princess are puppets.

Along with Rose, the Stuart count family’s reputation worsen, but the whole family living in the borderland doesn’t know.

No matter how worse it gets, the nobles can’t quit buying Palace’s silk.

Some nobles from the first prince’s faction started a boycott, but it only increased the export to other countries and didn’t do much damage.

Instead, they receive more benefits because export is more profitable.

The lower their reputation gets, the higher the sales.

With the aid of the merchant Joshua’s father, the Stuart count family, who only lives every day nonchalantly, build up an even more immense fortune until the time they live in the royal capital a year later.

Even though they only made clothes from the excess fabric for their bias.


Author’s note: Lack of cats any time now.

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