prepared immediately, so generally, the near feudal lord will hold an additional post.
For that reason, the territories in the vicinity of the border are large.

The Stuart family has been educated to consciously choose smart people or people good at martial arts as their companions since the enactment of this law for generations.
The mother, Melsa, is also the most talented woman in the royal capital’s university.
The story of the father Leonard prostrating to have her as his wife has been told in the Stuart clan as a heroic tale.

“I didn’t know…”

The prince mutters.

I have always thought that the one who had it the hardest in the country is us, the royal family.
But, learning how to negotiate with other countries, how to grasp people’s sentiments, how to be a good king, and the study I do every day put no danger to my life.

I have heard the rumor that George is already going to hunt monsters.
He has been confronting terrifying monsters like the ones shown in this book every day.

There are almost no monsters in the royal capital and the Valerie territory.
Every time I turn the pages, the horror of monsters is conveyed.

“Confronting this kind of terrible monsters… are you not scared?”

Prince Edward throws a straightforward question to George.

“No, it’s because I’m better at moving my body… On the contrary, it’s scarier to shut myself in the library for hours and read books like the prince.”

George answers with a bitter smile.
It’s not about being better at it or not.
William is smart, but he has no strength.
Emma has the drive and creativity, but she has no common sense.

“What I think I’m lucky about is my younger sister and brother make up the things I’m bad at.
There are limits to what a person can do after all.”

Even that father said that he had a hard time memorizing the knowledge of monsters.
When George was about to be crushed by all the studies, his father told him that it was impossible without his mother’s support.

“Big brother…”

The youngest child William that’s often hated normally is being praised in front of the prince, and he is feeling moved that his brother needs him.

Edward only looks at the surface, and he realized that he has misunderstood the Stuart family.

George is a reliable oldest son that acknowledges his younger siblings, admits his own weakness, and knows his strength.
William supports his older siblings from the beginning and does his duty modestly without showing off his smartness.
Then, what about Emma?

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“Then, what kind of duty does your younger sister do? What kind of child is she?”

It’s the first time for the prince to hold an interest in others.

‘Eh?’ George being at a loss in a moment, answers.

“Emma is… umm… cute.
Especially her smile is cute.”

Even from her brothers’ view, Emma has changed. Her weird way of viewing the world has taken a left turn.
After all her incomprehensible behaviors, she has arrived at the right path in a shortcut for some reason.
Is it okay to tell as it is to the prince… no way it’s okay.
The answer becomes confusing, but Emma is indeed cute. The Stuart family’s men are caught in such a curse.
George asks help to William with his eyes.

“I-I have noticed this recently from the tea party, but my older sister is popular! When my sister smiles, everyone totally has a lovestruck face.”

It’s hard to say my older sister’s praiseworthy points to other people.
I could say that she has extensive knowledge of insects, but is it okay as a noble young lady? Her being a glutton is not a good point, and because she has a sharp tongue towards William, I can’t say she is kind either.

The prince who misunderstands the brothers’ frantic worry throws a bombshell.

“In other words, she is suitable to be my fiancee?”

” “There’s no way!!!!” “

The brothers cry out in a large voice together.

“Emma will not leave my side as much as possible! (It’s bad for my heart because I don’t know what she will do!) I won’t let her marry into the royal family! (Are you okay with whatever this country becomes?)”

“That’s right! There’s no way older sister will leave our family! (It will become a lawless insects-only zone, you know?)”

” “She won’t marry the prince no matter what! (We can’t have more victims!)” “

The prince is startled at the two’s sudden threatening attitude, and at the same time, an interest in Emma, that’s completely non-existent before, is born.
The brothers protect Emma like knights.
It’s just like I have become an enemy that wants to snatch away their precious princess.

At that,

“My, my, Emma-chan is really loved.”

I heard mother’s voice from the library’s entrance.

When I turn my face, there’s my mother wearing a graceful navy dress.
Different from revealing dresses that she has worn until now, even though it keeps the exposure low to the limit, the dress that’s made to fit the body line, strangely, looks the sexiest.
It’s the first time I genuinely think that mother is beautiful.

Did William say earlier that it was designed by Emma?

Jadwiga pulls my sleeve.

“Onii-shama*, isn’t okaa-shama super beautiful?”

(T/N: The childish way of saying onii-sama [brother])

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I nod without thinking, but I am attacked by the earlier embarrassment and close my mouth.

“Jeez, onii-shama! You have to say what you are thinking, you know? You have to say it properly~”

Jadwiga imitates what Emma said and complains to the prince.

Admonished by the small Jadwiga, for some reason today, Edward honestly thinks, “Maybe that’s right.”

“That… Mother, it very much suits you.
You are so beautiful that I got fascinated.”

I was so embarrassed that I said it without looking at her face, but when I look up curiously because there’s no answer… my mother is crying.
Then, very, very happily, she comes to hug me.

In my mother’s hug for the first time in how many years, I reflect on what has made me so stubborn.
How much did I look at this innocent person that become this happy just because I said she is beautiful coldly?


Let’s become a knight.


That’s what I thought at that time.

Just like George and William, let’s become mother’s and Jadwiga’s knight.

If my father’s favor is gone, the only one who can protect these two is me.

Over my mother’s shoulder, there’s Emma smiling figure.

The hearty smile of the Stuart family’s princess.


This is foul play.


What, what a cute smile.

It is always the role of the prince to snatch the princess.
Such thought flashes across my mind.

I know that blood rushes to my face instantly.
What to do.
Even though there are two formidable knights in front of Emma.
I ended up wanting to make that smile mine.


George and William look at how Prince Edward has a fall-in-love look after seeing Emma’s smile and hold their heads.

(Just why? Older sister? You haven’t spoken even one word to the prince yet, right?)

(Emma… You, don’t come searching for the insect encyclopedia in the library in this situation! Hurry end that smile! The victims increase!)

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