p>“Will Your Highness play together with us?”

‘What a rare thing,’ when I look at the prince, he is crouching and trembling for some reason.

“N-newlyweds… with Emma!? Emma as my wife!?”

He is murmuring something, but I can’t hear it clearly.

“Your Highness? Are you alright?”

“Emma-chan!!! Playing house has already started!”

Jadwiga, who puts her whole energy into playing and is especially strict in playing house, warns me.

I have to play house seriously.
Because my husband looks unwell, as the wife, I look after him.
This is supposed to be correct.

“Husband? Let’s lay down a little.”

With that said, I lay down the prince on the lawn.
My heart throbs, thinking whether I will be caught for lese majeste for this.
It’s playing house, but a perfect score for the thrill.

So that at least his head doesn’t touch the ground, let’s give him a lap pillow.


When I put his head on my lap, he lets out a strange voice, then becomes stiff and frozen.

He stopped moving even a twitch.

“Oh my, oh my.”

Rose peeps at his son’s appearance like looking at something amusing.

George and William somehow hold their heads.

“Emmaaa… This oblivious angel!”

“Older brother… That is a devil.
A devil that drops people into the hell called heaven without them being aware.”

In the middle of that, Jadwiga approaches the prince and Emma in wonder.

“The husband next door… Are you dead?”

With that single word, a dangerous playing house has started.

“Th-this! The smell of almond, potassium cyanide!?”

George joins the hype.
The sound of a firetruck seems to be heard.

He directed a suspicious gaze towards Emma, a newlywed, or so we thought, she will be a widow soon.

“N-no way– Are you saying that I killed my beloved husband?”

The prince twitches once at the word ‘my beloved husband~,’ but he is supposed to play dead now, so he is ignored.

“But the one who can serve him poison is only Emma-chan! You must have mixed it in some dinner’s side dish!”

Even Rose-sama suspects me.

“Edward has a large amount of insurance money.
The cheapskate Mina… no, Emma is quite likely to do it.”

George’s pursuit has no mercy.
Did I provoke some resentment in our previous life?

“No way– Does it mean that Emma-chan doesn’t love Edward?”

Rose’s play is also getting hot.
The prince twitches again, but everyone ignores it.

“Please wait!”

William and Jadwiga intervene.

“We will solve this case!”

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After the sudden incident that broke out during playing house, the child detectives made their appearance.

“The reason is! The body is of a young boy, the head is of a…” **

” “NEET?” “

George and Emma throw a signature phrase.

**T/N: A signature line from Detective Conan, ‘The body is of a child, the head is of an adult.’

“So mean!!!”

William loses his vigor in an instant.

‘What’s a NEET?’ Jadwiga gives a final blow question to William.

“Now, now, I don’t really get it, but what William-kun and Jadwiga want to say is that there are other culprits, right.”

Rose helps to get everyone back on track.

The culprit is… in here!”

William declares in a cliche line with a posed look.

“Cou…could it be! Locked-room murder!?”

Getting into the mood, George adds another cliche line.

Would it be better to find a cliff? Emma looks all around the surrounding, but there’s no way there’s one.

“George nii-sha… no, Father, why did you think that this is murder by poison?”

It’s because it’s that sort of setting.
While everyone forgets, the strict in playing Jadwiga asks.

“There’s an almond smell from Edward.
There’s no doubt that potassium cyanide is used! Emma mixed it into his meal!”

George concludes.
It can’t escape from the cliche development.

“Ho… Bro… Father seems to be mistaken.”

William’s eyes light up.

“The almond smell of potassium cyanide… It is often used in suspense, but it is only for almonds beforeharvest.
You have never smelled almond before harvest, right?”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Moreover, even if you put a lethal amount of potassium cyanide to the meal, your mouth will be sore, and it’s impossible to finish eating it!”

“N-no, Edward loves Emma!”

At George’s words, the prince’s body twitches once again, but nobody sees it.

“No matter how bad the food his wife gave him tasted, he would eat it with the power of love!”

Wait a sec, what’s with that way of saying as if I can’t cook.

“That’s right, that’s right, because Edward likes Emma-chan very much, even if his mouth was burned, he would finish eating it all.”

“…I don’t need that kind of heavy love.”

I feel sorry for Rose-sama, but please spare me from such love.

Also, the prince’s twitching happens so often to a level that can’t be ignored.

“See, Emma doesn’t love Edward! There’s a motive for murder!”

George’s behavior becomes suspicious till I want to say.
‘Eh, isn’t this guy the culprit?’

“Father George… It’s about time for you to tell the truth.
You killed him, didn’t you?”

William led to the solution.

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“Wh-what are you! I don’t have any motive!”

“That’s right, he’s just a neighbor.”

Rose-sama follows up with George.

“Father, aren’t you Emma’s adultery accomplice?”

I cheated without my husband knowing? Me?

“That’s right.
It’s about your close friend.
You are the one who also introduced your best friend to Emma-san, right.”

“H-how do you!”

To begin with, who are you talking about?

“Aren’t you told by your rich best friend? If you introduced him to Emma-san, he would forget your debt…”

“H-how do you!”

“Besides that, you know that Mina… Emma-san is a cheapskate.
If your rich friend goes well with Emma, certainly, you were hoping for a reward.”


Do these brothers have a grudge about money to Minato…? No occasion comes to my mind, but are these two trying to make it even right now?

“It’s true that Edward-san is also rich.
He also has a large amount of insurance money.
However, since my father’s best friend is super-rich, it is more attractive for Emma to cheat with him rather than receiving insurance money.
It’s not a matter of killing intentionally.”

What’s with that? I’m the worst then.

“W-wait, you don’t have any evidence! I don’t have such a rich friend…!”

“You have, right? Brown-haired, freckled…”

Just wait.
The prince’s twitching is at the same level as convulsion, though.
It’s about time for everyone to stop ignoring him, right? Right?

“A-are you talking about Joshuaaa!”

George nii-sama, you don’t have to yell it like ‘Are you talking about Kri***n’…

(T/N: The famous line from Dragon Ball, ‘Are you talking about Krillin’)

“Wait a minute! Who is Joshua!”

The corpse… no, the prince suddenly gets up.

“Onii-shama, you’re supposed to play dead,” Jadwiga warns him calmly.

Jadwiga is as strict at playing as ever.
She won’t allow any compromise.

Towards the ending, should I try to find a cliff once again after all?

Thinking so, I look around excitedly.
Let’s try to find something impossible to be here.

“George nii-sama!!!”

“Emma-chan, too, according to the setting…!!”

I call out my older brother without thinking.
Jadwiga rebukes me, but halfway to her words, I stand up and hide her behind my back.

Right behind George, a 3-centimeter-big hole opened.

It gradually floats midair, then from what I can only call a hole, liquid started to flow tricklingly.


I have never seen it…

But maybe this… is a local barrier hazard.



T/N: I’m sorry for all Detective Conan’s fans out there if I didn’t translate the catchphrases accurately.

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