nce that the three siblings took the moment they saw the monster and reluctantly followed their words, but I also have confidence in swordplay.
When I was in the royal capital, I was given basic training by a strong knight every day without missing.
And although the gathered hunters looked trained, they are somewhat slender and feel more unreliable compared to the knights in the royal capital.
‘Isn’t the equipment too exaggerated for a monster of that level?’ It is all heavy equipment, and the number of shields and swords they bring is more than the number of people here.
I borrow a sword from the hunters and hurry to the three siblings’ place.

When I saw George and William’s figures from afar, I thought of returning, but Emma wasn’t there.
The hunters said, ‘Please return now’ so many times, but I can’t move forward until I confirm Emma’s condition.

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When I get closer to a distance where I can almost see them, I see the shadow of Emma being carried by George.
I have goosebumps instantly.
What happened? Did something… to Emma?
After that, I move without thinking.

“It’s here!! Hurry up!!”

I urge the hunters and runs towards Emma in a daze.
William stops me halfway, but I shake him off and single-mindedly run.

“Emma!? What happened? Emma! Emma!?”

Emma loses her consciousness, and the right half of her body is bloody.
Is she… alive? The one holding Emma, George’s arms and clothes are stained in red, and a not-small amount of blood scattered over a wide area on the ground that seems to have melted.
Which means all of this blood, is Emma’s…?

“Prince! The slime is coming! Dodge!”

At the same time with George’s shout, the puddle charges at us at an unbelievable speed.

I use force without thinking.
As a result of repeated practice when I was sword training every day, I reflexively cut the puddle that heads towards George.
Without much response, the monster splits in two.

“Why would you!!”

I could hear William’s scream and George’s tongue clicking, and like protecting me, George comes in front of me.
The puddle that split in two didn’t receive any damage, became two, and started moving towards here.

“Wha—! It won’t die even if you cut it?”

I realize that I have made a mistake.
The sword that cut the puddle is melting around the edge.

From there, the other half of the puddle that I cut aims at me and attacks insistently.
The hunters have been strenuously protecting me, but the shields that I thought were too many melted instantly every time it receives an attack, and only a little is left.

Undoubtedly, I have made the situation worse by cutting the puddle.
Even though I heard William’s restraint and the hunters’ voice, why didn’t I follow them that time? If only I could turn back that time.

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I push aside my regrets.
The puddle’s attacks are fast, and on top of that, hunters’ equipment that I thought was too heavy, like armors, have melted easily.
Without even the time to at least say my remorse and apologize, I have to desperately escape from just a single puddle.

George, who is holding Emma, continues to evade the attacks from two puddles.
It’s hard to even keep up with his speed with my eyes, and I can hear the hunters’ surprised voices.
It just, every time George moves, Emma’s blood scatters.

Even though I want to save Emma, I can’t do anything.
Because we here are in a more disadvantageous situation than George, who has been dealing with two.
If we use up the shields, neither the hunters nor I will have any way to defend the attack.

We are cornered……

Two puddles shoot a water gun towards George at the same time.
I thought that the small one can’t shoot, but it looks like I’m wrong.
The slime on our side finally stops shooting water guns and changes to body blows.
The water gun has regularity, and it seems that after 5 shots, it wouldn’t shoot for a while.

If the attacks are just body blows, I can relax my guard for a while.
When I look towards George, he looks like he lost his balance and is kneeling.
He has to stand up quickly, or it will be dangerous.
He will be the water gun’s target.

“George!! Uwahh!!!”

I shout at George right away, but a sudden gust blows at the same time that makes me cover my head.
When I thought it would blow like swoosh, it suddenly stopped.
‘What was that…’ when I look around the area, I doubt my own eyes.


That sudden gust was the appearance of a new monster.


It’s a beast-like monster with a large body different from the puddle.
The monster is right behind George, who has lost his balance and been unable to move, and with rough breathing, it lifts its forefoot like wanting to attack.
George has been focusing on the two puddles and doesn’t notice the monster behind him.
That scene is enough to give despair to the prince and the hunters.

Rather than being cornered, it’s more like a desperate situation.

“George! Behind you! I beg you, run!!”

The prince’s sorrowful cry probably doesn’t make it.

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