Chapter 36 – Thanks to the Prince

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Two slimes shoot water guns at the same time at George and Emma without giving any leeway.

It seems the effect of the vinegar thrown by William has gone.

At the prince’s side, their shields have also continuously become useless.

From the start, if worst comes to worst, Emma and George will be the feed to distract the slime, then the hunters will form a wall and use all the slimes, Emma, and George to block the local barrier hazard.
It’s a plan that is supposed to suppress the damage to the minimum.

If a slime catches its target prey, it will slowly feed on it for more than 10 hours.

However, now the prince has also become the target prey, and we can’t possibly use the prince as a feed.

Because the hunters are protecting the prince, they can’t make a wall either.

But, putting it in other words, Emma and I can live now because the prince is here.

If we had followed the manual for the case of slime in a local barrier hazard, both of us were destined to be the feeds the moment the hunters came.

I can only continue to evade, but the fact that we are still living now is thanks to the prince.


When I avoided the two water guns, my hand holding Emma slips from the blood, and I lose my balance.

I fixed my hold on her just barely without dropping Emma, but my landing was disrupted, and I ended up kneeling on the ground.
‘It will shoot another water gun, right,’ I hurriedly try to get up while keeping vigil to the slimes.
But then, I heard the prince’s scream.

“George! Behind you! I beg you, run!!”

As the hazard and the slimes are in front of me, I don’t raise my guard on my back at all.
I turn around reflexively from the prince’s voice, and a forefoot hits my back at the same time.

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Our cat that is supposed to be house-sitting is here.

Emma’s favorite, Emma’s most loved, Stuart family’s pet cat Koumei-san is putting her front paw on my back with a rough breath.

My sweat, which can be seen even from the top of my clothes, soaks through the paw that was gently placed like saying ‘Thanks for your hard work.’

“—!! George!! What are you spacing about! Hurry, run!”

The prince shouts again from afar, but that’s not the case.
Seeing the cat’s rough breathing and sweats, I ask with a shocked face.

“Y-you run from Palace????”


The cat answers while adjusting her breath.

She sniffs Emma in my arms worriedly.

Suddenly… the cat’s rough breathing stops.

She steadily watches the slimes across me and,

*Fwaa* The cat’s fur stands up.

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*Glare* The cat’s golden pupils constricted.

Facing the two slimes that are about to shoot water guns, she intimidates them with a ‘Hiss!!’

‘Are you the one who did this to Emma?’ …like hearing such a voice, she turns all her anger to the slimes.

Then, she moves between us and the slimes at an unstoppable speed and sends out a cat punch.


The two slimes’ water guns are shot from different directions aiming at me, Emma, and Koumei-san, but she strikes out the water guns with just the wind pressure from the cat punch.


The prince, hunters, and even I all doubt our eyes.

I know that the cats are strong from when we went hunting together.
…but, the one who is active in hunting is the always aggressive Kan-chan.

I have seen Koumei-san defeating monsters lazily with minimum necessary movements, but… an angry Koumei-san… is super strong.

All the body blows and water guns from the two slimes, afterward too, are dealt with only the wind pressure of the cat punch.

Our cat… is freaking strong…

I was relieved and lay Emma down gently on the ground.

If Koumei defends all the attacks, we can do Emma’s first-aid treatment.

Maybe Emma can be saved.

“George!!! Is that huge monster an ally?”

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Like finally understanding the situation, the prince asks.

I think, ‘What monster?’ for a moment, then getting that he is talking about Koumei, answer while patting the cat’s back.

end of George’s POV


“Prince, don’t worry.
This is our cat.
Emma’s favorite, Koumei-san.”

‘Are cats that big, again?’

The prince and the hunters all retort the same thing in their minds.

What’s more, even the attacks aimed at the prince are stopped without her moving one step.

‘Are cats that strong, again?’

The prince and the hunters all retort the same thing in their minds the second time.

The hard fight with the three slimes’ attacks is now being dealt with just the cat punches’ wind pressure.

Now the worries about the attacks are gone, the prince and the hunters want to go to George’s place, but Koumei-san intimidates them with a hiss.


The hunter at the front falls on his butt from fear.

William, who had been keeping his distance from George and the others, comes running after confirming Koumei’s appearance.
He lends a hand to the hunter who fell and apologizes.

“I’m sorry.
It seems that she was wary that you would harm Emma nee-sama.”

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It will probably be hard for others than our family to come closer.

He borrows a first-aid kit from the hunters and goes to treat Emma.

“William!! I’ve told you to stay away!”

George warns him, but it should be safe now that Koumei has come.

We have to give Emma nee-sama first-aid as fast as we can… If it continues like this, Emma nee-sama can really die.

“Koumei-san will protect us! More importantly, we have to save nee-sama!”

George, who had been prepared to die together with Emma until just now, also sways.

However, the situation where the three siblings are all wiped out by any chance must be avoided.

A sudden gust came as if enwrapping the troubled George.

When they blink at the sudden gust, the cats arrived later than Koumei.

The three cats appear with a rougher breath than Koumei.

“Kan-chan! Ryuu-chan! Chou-chan!”

” ” “Meow~” ” “

Surrounded by four big cats in every direction, George looks around then looks at William.

“Let’s do Emma’s first-aid!”

Author’s note: I have supplemented you with the cats.

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