atient at this shocking fact… The feed would be enough if it was for 2, 3 days, but if it was 10 days, they might have started eating each other.
Silkworms are on a separate research room, but I keep other insects in the same room.

I wonder if that beautiful violet spider okay…? That spider that was found in the forest two weeks ago was Emma’s favorite.
I remembered I used to walk around and show it to everybody.

“Young lady…”

Martha’s eyes are even colder.
I won’t ever forget Martha’s scream when I showed her the spider.

There’s a knocking sound that interrupts Martha’s nagging, then Martha goes to open the door.
This nice timing is surely…

“Older sister, I heard that you have awake so I come to see you.”

The one who unexpectedly appears on the door is, a shining transient pretty boy*.
No, that’s my younger, William.
He has blond hair and purple eyes… which are inherited from Father.
There is a big insect cage in his hand.

(*T/N: she says bishounen lol)

“I’m sorry, I completely forgot about the insects… During the time older sister was unconscious, the silkworms are fine since they are in a different room, but in the room for all other insects, only this spider is left…”

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It’s too late, my treasures have already been eaten by my treasure… Grasshoppers, praying mantis, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, pillbugs, this and that, a great battle royal must have unfolded between them… At least, I wanted to observe that great event.

“Uuh… It’s a pity but there’s no helping it…”

Inside the insect cage, the violet spider moves with a rustling sound.
This is my favorite child.

The victor of the battle royal is this kid, huh.

Is it just me…? It’s a little? …kind of…? I feel like it’s getting huge.

Eight round pupils? are looking this way.

Yeah, you’re not bad.
Sorry that I couldn’t feed you…

Taking the insect cage, I want to confirm the spider’s condition.
Because the spider has always been treated affectionately, when it saw Emma’s face, it approaches Emma too.


Looking at the spider who comes out of the cage, Martha runs away… It seems she will not come back in a while.
Martha can’t understand the spider’s greatness like always, huh.

Even so, younger brother… To use your sister’s treasure to clear out people, what a guy!

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Well…to say clearing out people… it’s more like clearing out Martha…

William has been looking this way with a searching gaze for a while now…

Even if I want to say it, I can’t.
Even if I want to hear it, I won’t.
I want to know, but I don’t want to know.
Without any conviction, I hesitate.

What I was thinking about, maybe… you too are thinking the same.
William properly meets my eyes and opens his mouth like he has determined something.

“… Mina-nee?”

(T/N: –nee from onee-san which means older sister.
Mina-nee = Older sister Mina.
But it sounds weird to me so I just left it.)

Emma too is determined and opens her mouth.


The two’s voice overlapped.

” “Is this another world reincarnation!!!” “


Author’s note : The unfortunate younger brother appears

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