lsa put her face on Leonard’s chest.


George and William look unexpectedly a little relieved.

Joshua wears a gentle smile from beginning to end.

The reaction of her family who saw the wound is so varied, and it makes her anxious.
Elia hands a hand mirror gently to Emma.

Even though Emma already resigned herself, her heart still beats faster.
The hand mirror reflects her face.

The melted outer skin has regenerated nicely.

According to George and William, her outer skin was so damaged that it would peel off just by being poured water, but the skin has no keloid and doesn’t taut.
Of course, it doesn’t bleed either.

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…it’s just.


In the part that was directly hit by the slime’s fluids, the deep radial wound left countless fine scars that look like connecting the radial lines.

Purple scars, like the color of Violet’s thread, are engraved on her arm and body.

Elia informs the parents that further medical treatment is not needed after examining Emma’s skin condition.

“It leaves scars, but from the story of how she got injured, there is no better recovery than this.
I was worried that the skin would tear when I peeled the spider’s thread, but it has regenerated completely like this.
It has healed so beautifully that it can be called a miracle.”

Elia explains Emma’s condition calmly and matter-of-factly to encourage her mother, who cries after seeing the scars.

“The scars— will not heal?”

Even so, Mother couldn’t help but ask.

“…regrettably, yes.”

Emma fixedly stares at her face reflected in the mirror.

She is checking the deep scars without making a single sound.

“Emma… it’s alright.
It left scars, but it doesn’t change the fact that Emma is cute.”

Leonard hugs Emma tightly.

“Emma, there’s no keloid and taut skin.
You have to thank Violet for getting this better from slime wounds!”

It has healed very, very beautifully!”

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George and William, who had seen the wounds directly, also try to cheer Emma up, but Emma keeps looking at the scars silently.

“…it’s cool, isn’t it?”

Joshua, who has been silent all along, opens his mouth.

Emma turns her face toward Joshua before her family could get angry at his out-of-place remarks.

Those eyes are shining blazingly.



The family and Elia are confused at Emma’s unexpected reaction.

“Joshua also thinks so?”

Emma looks at the mirror again happily.

“Yes, it looks like a spider web and very cool.
The scars are.”

The deep radial scars and the countless fine scars that look like connecting lines look like a spider web when being told that.

Or rather, you would only see it like a spider web once you noticed.

“…nee-sama… perhaps?”

William timidly says.

“Uh-huh! These scars, I like it!”

Emma answers, smiling ear to ear.

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