or it.

Emma’s wounds are caused by slimes.
The Stuart family, who understands the slime’s menace well, also didn’t blame them.

But perhaps it would have been easier for them if they are blamed and scolded.

Even though Emma has said that her wounds are self-inflicted and she even kind of like it, George and William’s attitudes didn’t change.
She is actually wearing a veil to hide the scars for the two’s sake.

Even so, she feels all tingly and can’t stand the princess treatment forever.

Emma lifts her veil and exposes her wounds.

She wants to boast her deep purple wound to Rose without hiding anything.
This stylish spider web is really her favorite.

“Yes, there are no problems during everyday life… It’s just…”

While answering Rose, she comes up with an underhanded… no, a clever idea.

She quietly lands her eyesight to her right arm and lifts the corner of her mouth like making a forced smile.

“Things like dancing… is impossible to do…”

George and William instantly look at Emma.

‘This girl has gone and done it! What a sly move! You’re super healthy, ain’tcha!’ They don’t say it out loud, but it’s written all over their face.

“Ahh, so it’s like that… That’s why you were on the balcony, not dancing.
George-kun and William-kun are so kind.”

‘Worried about Emma, who is unable to dance, they spent their time together in the balcony where they couldn’t see the ball,’ Rose has misunderstood them.

“K-kind you say… It’s just what is expected of me…”

We will not leave nee-sama alone.”

While being faltered, both of them jump on Rose’s misunderstanding.

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Here, the three siblings’ No-Dancing Alliance is born.

Emma will just keep silent about being left alone as soon as they entered the venue.

If Emma doesn’t use her scars cleverly without restraint like this, maybe the two will go back to their previous attitude.

It’s also about time Emma grows tired of being preciously treated.

Rose wrinkles her beautiful eyebrows and strokes Emma’s right cheek.

It doesn’t feel as smooth as when she touched it in the hot spring, but because the inflamed skin has regenerated, she doesn’t need to be scared touching it.

“Ro-chan! These scars, doesn’t it look like a spider web?”

When Emma laughs proudly, Rose looks at the scars like just noticing them.

“It’s true.
And the color is the Stuart family’s purple.”

Purple has different shades, but the purple in Emma’s scars is similar to the color of her father and brother’s eyes.

The eye color that only Emma doesn’t inherit is unexpectedly tattooed on Emma’s right cheek.
‘As expected of Rose-sama, she sees things differently!’ Emma thought.

George and William make a ‘you just realize it now?’ face.

*knock knock* A moderate knock on the door is heard.

“I wonder if it is His Majesty and Edward?”

The three siblings hurriedly bow at Rose’s words.

Next to Emma, Rose bows relaxedly and elegantly at the same time the door is opened.

“The Stuarts siblings here in your presence.”

As Rose introduced them, they stated their names starting from George.

“I am the eldest son, George Stuart.”

“The second son, William Stuart.”

“The eldest daughter, Emma Stuart.”

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A hand suddenly holds Emma’s chin and softly lifts her bowed head.

The face of a muscular man appears before her eyes.

Still holding Emma’s chin, he looks at her carefully.

“…um …Your Majesty?”

When she can’t stand it and talks to him, the man laughs heartily.

“Emma Stuart! How cute, if I were 10 years younger, I would make a move on you.”

“Y-Your Majesty!! What are you saying!”

Prince Edward, behind His Majesty the King, calls out in a fluster.

“Well, because it will be fun if I become my son’s rival in lov…”

“Y-Your Majesty!”

At the sight of the always calm Second Prince he doesn’t often see, the King makes a joke amusedly.

The King dismisses their bows and also calls out to George and William.

Emma gazes at all of that in a daze.

“E-Emma! Please forget what His Majesty said earlie…, Emma?”

The Prince hurriedly says, but at that, he saw the scars for the first time.

It’s a deep purple scar that would let you think, ‘It must’ve hurt.’ Even so, he didn’t expect that that time scars could heal so beautifully like this.

“Emma, …?”

The Prince thought it would be rude of him to continue staring, but he realized there’s no response from Emma.
She keeps gazing at His Majesty.

“………so cool……”

The small whisper Emma said absent-mindedly, only the Prince heard it clearly.


Author’s note: I’m sorry for the lack appearance of the King even though the title is ‘His Majesty the King.’

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