y body doesn’t experience any time lag.
There’s only this joy that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

Inside this body, perhaps because she has lived for a longer time, there’s no helping it that Minato’s consciousness is stronger.

In the first place, Emma’s head is mostly filled with insects.
The fact that she sticks being a glutton is because Minato is the same, and even though it doesn’t go to the extent of heartthrobs, Minato also likes bugs.

Mysteriously, I don’t feel any difference in personality.
Some things were added, but things that already exist didn’t seem to be decreasing either.

At any rate, I feel very uneasy having a lady’s education in my life from now on.
Minato is a normal person, Emma is an insect-loving princess… Let’s do our best… somehow… Let’s do our best…

“By the way, Mina-nee… have you ever played an otome game?”

William suddenly asks.

“What about Peita?”


“Me too”

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In my past life’s reincarnated to another world genre’s stories, there must be a pattern of ‘I reincarnated to an otome game world☆’… It turned out that neither Minato nor Heita had any acquaintance who knows the details, let alone having experience of playing it.

Usually? if you have reincarnated… isn’t it like… ‘Make the best use of my knowledge! Cheat-like development☆’… In reality, it’s a tough life.
I know, I understand it during my 35 years living in my past world.
Being peerless is just a dream.

“Ah, I have played the Takeda Shingen capture game once!”

Is that too? Is it included? It’s an otome game, right.
A few years ago I didn’t clear it, but I remembered it vaguely.

(T/N: Takeda Shingen is a Sengoku era-themed arcade game.
So no Minato, it’s not an otome game)

“Why Takeda Shingen?!”

Minato is a historical nerd.

But, without even looking over the room decorations… this country in Emma’s memory looks Western, which Minato doesn’t have any knowledge about.

So, if this world was the Sengoku era Japan like the inside of that Takeda Shingen smartphone capture game, Minato’s knowledge cheat might explode.

Takada Shingen probably can be captured too.
What a regret.

I wanted to aim for Naoe Kanetsugu’s wife… To polish ‘love’ helmet every day.

(T/N: I think Minato mistakes capture game –> capturing love interests (in an otome game).
Naoe Kanetsugu is a war hero, famous for his helmet armor)

To say that it ‘looks Western’ because it’s kind of different from the West in our past life.
But if you grow silkworms here, you don’t need a silk road.

(T/N: Silk road refers to the land routes connecting Southern Europe with East Asia.
It started when China began to trade silk to other regions.
So, I guess Minato is saying that because there is no contact with the East, the West here is different)

It may be different depending on the period setting, but Minato is really good at Japanese history, though the story is different when it comes to world history… She can’t use the knowledge cheat at all…

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However, if it’s an otome game, there’s an uneasy element.

“What to do… If I become a villainous daughter after reincarnating, I can’t avoid the condemnation event…”

In Takeda Shingen’s smartphone game, the villainous princess and the rival tea house girl didn’t appear.
Even if I want to plan countermeasures, the game is different.

To be speechless in front of everyone at the graduation party is too heart-breaking.

“If it’s Mina-nee, you will make a splendid villainous daughter”

William says that with clear eyes to Emma who was sullen.
I got pissed.

This guy…! I have to hold my fist!

It’s frustrating.
If it’s the usual, I will hit you immediately.
But! I can’t hurt a pretty boy’s face! Why are you uselessly shining! …disgusting!

“Anyway… let’s confirm it with father and the others later”

I was able to not punch him somehow.
I came down from the bed, aiming to land on Peita or William’s toe’s little finger.

“It hurtsss!!!”

This big sister will properly teach you, that even a pretty boy will meet retribution if he gets too cocky.

From the grave expression, it seems I got his little finger! *Grins*


Author’s notes: It’s not just the unfortunate younger brother

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