st came to the royal capital, so I still don’t have any girl friends except Francesca-sama. If it doesn’t bother you, can I join you?”

After saying that, Emma sits beside Francesca without waiting for her answer.
If Emma was refused, she has to sit with that group of girls.

Emma argued she has a reason for declining Lyla’s invitation in that she chose a seat with her only friend on it.
She especially said it with a voice her surroundings could hear.

The whispering becomes a little quieter, and the words of pity are mixed with some blunt hostility.

“To think she refused Lyla-sama‘s generous invitation…”

“Furthermore, choosing that Francesca-sama‘s seat.”

“Is she trying to be the good girl?”

People are bad-mouthing Emma and Francesca in a soft voice that would not expose the speaker, but the content can be heard clearly.

Unable to bear it anymore, Francesca looks down again, but Emma keeps talking to her without minding her surroundings.

“We have to bring the tools and materials used in the embroidery class, but it’s troublesome as we have more luggage, right?”

“Is that… so? The things for embroidery class are actually not much, you know.
I took multiple dance classes until last year, and I need to bring the dancing dress, shoes, and extra change because I sweat… um, Emma-sama, what’s in that bag?”

Can’t bear to ignore Emma, who has been so kind, Francesca timidly answered.
But then, she noticed Emma’s bag is bigger than the other ladies’.

They are supposed to make the embroidery decorations on cufflinks for today’s class, so only needles, threads, hoops, and cufflinks buttons are needed.

“Eh? It’s only the things that were written on the items needed for today’s class…”

Emma tilts her head cutely, but the bag looks pretty much stuffed.

“Umm… Sorry for interrupting.
Are the seats here open?”

When they turned around towards the voice, two exactly identical faces are facing them.

“I am Catherine Simmons.
This is my twin younger sister, Caitlyn.
This is the only table where the two of us can sit together…”

Silver hair and silver-grey eyes.
A beautiful tan skin.

On the types of game where you make your own hero avatar, Minato always made the silver-haired, tan-skinned ones.
With the real thing right in front of her eyes, her heart flutters.
In short, it’s the color she adores.

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“Yes, it’s open.
Catherine-sama, Caitlyn-sama, my name is Emma Stuart.
This is my friend Francesca Delacour-sama.”

Saying so, Emma offers the seat next to her.

“Thank you very much.
The two of us want to be together, so you saved us… Emma-sama! You have a big scar on your face! How did that happen?”

“Catherine!!! It’s rude to ask it so bluntly! I’m sorry, Emma-sama, my sister is really inconsiderate.
So, how did you get that scar?”

The twins are looking at Emma, brimming with curiosity.
She likes their color tone, but even if she were to look objectively, the twins have cute looks.
They are a bit outspoken, but she doesn’t hate it.
What about courtesy and etiquette?

“Fufufu, the two of you are just like each other.
This scar… well, this resulted from the recklessness of youth.”

The two put their hands on their chests in sync.

” “Emma-sama! You are deadly cute when you smile! My heart went kyun.” “

The twins neatly say in unison.

“Oh Caitlyn, I went kyun first, you know?”

“No, Catherine, I’m the one who went kyun first!”

Emma and Francesca’s table becomes livelier after the twins came.

Francesca was so shocked at the twins’ unreserved looks that she didn’t speak a word, but she felt relieved as she didn’t sense any hostility from the two.

The class will begin soon.
All the students (young ladies) sit in their own seats and change their posture to waiting for the instructor.

At the same time the ring bells, the door opens.

“J-Just in timeーーーー!”

The moment Emma saw the person who vigorously entered, high-pitched screams echoed in the classroom.

“I-It’s Marion-sama!!”

“So gorgeous today too.”

“‘Just in time,’ Does that mean Marion-sama takes this class?”

Putting her hands on her ear to block out the clatters, Emma asks Francesca.

“Francesca-sama? Do you know that person?”

The moment Francesca hears Emma’s question, she asks back surprisedly.

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“Emma-sama doesn’t know Marion Bell-sama?”

Well, it seems that person is pretty famous.

” “Is it a famous person?” “

The twins Catherine and Caitlyn don’t seem to know her either.

“She is Marion Bell-sama, the current Commander of the Knight Order’s daughter…”

” “A girl!?” “

The twins exclaim in unison again.

A riding coat that looks good thanks to her height, neat short brown hair.
Translucent blue eyes that exude a calm atmosphere… I see, a beauty dressed like a man, a girl popular with girls.

The one who spoke to Emma earlier, Lyla, promptly hold Marion’s hands and talk to her.

“Marion-sama? How rare of you to choose the embroidery class? If you would like, how about sitting at the same table as me?”

With a voice higher than when she did with Emma, Lyla invites Marion like fawning on her.

“Lady Lyla, long time no see, huh.
Have you been well? It seems your table is already full, though?”

“It’s alright.
I can ask one person to give her seat for you.”

Lyla answers Marion like it’s nothing.
Emma could tell from far that the girls at Lyla’s table are starting to get nervous.

“No, no, I’m the one who came late, so you can’t do that, you know? …Ah, the seat over there is open, so I will go there.
Thanks for inviting me.”

After holding and kissing the back of Lyla’s hand lightly, Marion moves to the open seats.
Her series of actions are pretty pompous, but her elegant movements are beautiful and cool.
The girls keep on squealing.

“Is here fine?”

The open seat…, namely Emma’s table.


Ignoring all the envy looks from the girls, Emma offers Marion the seat.

The people who will sit on the same desk in this year-long embroidery class become the heavy drinker Francesca, the insect-obsessed nonsensical Emma, the outspoken silver-haired twins Catherin & Caitlyn, and the cross-dressed beauty Marion.

Aren’t… this seat’s characters a bit too heavy? Emma tilts her head as the newly joined Marion introduces herself.


Author’s note: The girls increased all at once.

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