Chapter 52 – Declaration of War?

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” “So tiredー” “

William and Joshua slump on their desks.

“I’d never thought he’d make us run for two hours…”

William, who has finally calmed his breath, mutters in a weak voice while looking around the classroom.

Many students inside the classroom are more exhausted than the two.

“Stamina is a hunter’s life! …that teacher, his brain must be made up of muscle too.”

Joshua has been training since a year ago, but he can’t hide his tiredness.

“Well… you do need stamina in actuality.”

The only one who doesn’t look tired at all, George replies nonchalantly.

The beginner class of Practical Skill for Hunters ended with just running around the academy for two whole hours.
Since they didn’t need to use their brain in that class, it’s George’s sole win.

“…Is Emma-sama still on the way?”

Joshua looks at the classroom door while fixing his disheveled clothes.

“That girl… Did she cause another trouble?”

“Ah, Prince!”

There’s Prince Edward’s figure at the door.

Noticing them from William’s call, the Prince comes over together with a tall boy.

“From your appearance, I guess this year’s Practical Skills for Hunters Beginner class content is still running for two hours?”

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With a hand sign, The Prince stops the students in the class who want to bow and chats George and William up.

“Is the Prince in the intermediate class?”

Hearing the Prince’s words, George asks back.

“That’s because I enrolled last year.
I just took Monster Science this year.
…it’s tough to run for so long at your age, isn’t it, William?”

The Prince sympathizes with William, the youngest of the students.

There are no age restrictions for academy enrollment, but the class content doesn’t necessarily consider all ages and gender.
Of course, there’s also the status difference.

“The Prince also had a hard time last year.”

The boy next to the Prince teased him with a mischievous smile.

“Arthur, don’t say unnecessary stuff.
George, William, let me introduce you.
This is my friend at school, Arthur Bell.”

The boy called Arthur introduces himself still with that mischievous look.

“You are George-kun and William-kun from the Stuart House, right.
I’ve heard a lot about you from His Highness.
…well, compared to what he said about the Stuart House’s princess, it’s only 1/10, though.”


The Prince is totally being played with.

Arthur seems to be the same age as the Prince, but his adult-like physique makes him stand out.
Since the Bell House is a lineage of knights for generations, he may be the Prince’s friend/bodyguard.

“Ah, that’s right, Prince, can I introduce someone to you? This is our childhood friend, Joshua Rothschild.”

Joshua, who had been hiding in George’s shadow, immediately makes a bow.

“I am Joshua Rothschild.
Your Highness.
I have been granted the Baron title this year, staining the lowest seat in the nobility.”

With the Prince’s permission, Joshua lifts his head.

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“Hoo… so you are the freckled Joshua, huh…”

The Prince still remembers the name that came out during Jadwiga’s strict playing house last year.

“Yes, I am quite close with the Stuart House, especially with Emma-sama.”

The moment the grinning Joshua replies to the Prince’s words, lightning sparks seem to form between the two.

‘…awesome! That dude, Joshua! He just declares war with the Prince!’

‘The former commoner who just become a Baron this year against the Prince!?’

‘Wait, wait, did he said Rothschild? If he were the son of that company, his assets would line up across the country, right?’

The students in the class who unfortunately happen to be present converse to each other with their eyes.

The fact that the Prince likes Emma got totally exposed at the royal castle party.
It’s no wonder since the Prince, who hardly ever change his expression, seemed like a completely different person in front of Emma.

The listless atmosphere after the Practical Skills for Hunters changes completely, and nobody moves even a twitch.
The royal capital has finally got warmer, but it feels like winter in the classroom.

“Fufufu, I guess it’s this classroom?”

“Thank god.
The embroidery teacher rushed us, so I thought we wouldn’t make it in time.”

“I’m looking forward to Monster Science, Caitlyn.”

“Looking forward to Monster Science, huh, Catherine.”

“The class for Monster Science is large, so I guess no need to worry about securing seats.”

What broke the frozen atmosphere in the classroom was the voice of girls who hadn’t been heard in Monster Science class in recent years.

“Ah- Joshua! How was Practical Skills for Hunters?”

Because Joshua, opposite the Prince, is facing the door, Emma calls out to him.

The other students, who miserably can’t even move, talk with their eyes.

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‘…why are girls here?’

‘That voice is Emma-sama? Right? Of all people, she called out to Joshua first rather than the Prince!’

‘What is this situation? Has the academy’s first day ever been this tense?’

The Prince turns around after hearing Emma’s voice.

“My, it’s the Prince, Caitlyn.”

“My, it’s the Prince, huh, Catherine.”

Pushing the head of the happy-go-lucky twins, Francesca and Marion give the Prince a bow.

“Emma! Why are you here?”

The Prince’s voice becomes lively.
He didn’t expect he could meet Emma because there are only required courses for boys today.

“I take Monster Science class.
Does the Prince also take Monster Science?”

Emma answers with a soft and fluffy smile.

Not wearing a veil as she did at the party, the big scar on Emma’s right cheek stands out, but her smile alone soothes the extremely tense students.




As usual, they only talked with their eyes, but the important part was that their eyes turned into flickering hearts… The boys in this world are somehow too simple.

“So you are also together with Onii-sama and William.

Emma tilts her head to the unfamiliar Arthur beside the Prince.

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Looking around, Arthur asks Emma for a handshake without hiding his mischievous smile.

“Nice to meet you, princess! My name is Arthur Bell.
Marion over there is my little sister.
You seem to be getting along well, I see?”

He proceeds to kiss Emma’s hand but got stopped by Marion.

“Older Brother, you mess around too much.”

“Why did you stop me, Marion? You always do it yourself, don’t you?”

“There are no young ladies who feel uncomfortable being kissed by me, but Older Brother isn’t like that!”

While the older brother being the older brother, the younger sister is also being the younger sister.

“Fufufu, you two get along well, don’t you?”

When Emma softly smiles again, Arthur brings his face closer.

“Cute~ huh~, with this, even the Prince has… fall…en…”

Being pulled by the Prince, Arthur loses his balance.

“Quit it, Arthur! Also, how long do you want to hold her hand for.”

The Prince takes Arthur’s hand off Emma and hides her behind his back in a protective manner.

His action is really princely, but getting lost in confusion, he is holding Emma’s hand right now.

“William… Why is my little sister, so uselessly popular with boys?”

“Cause she’s around 40 on the inside, let alone being conscious of it herself, she looks at them with a motherly view… Should I say it has aroused some unnecessary and strange thoughts…”

George and William hold their head while talking to each other whisperingly.


Author’s note: Between those pitiful students who were talking with their eyes was Francesca’s older brother… or he is supposed to…

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