ed last year immediately got renewed every time a new discovery is made, so the teaching material of Monster Science changes every year.

Especially this year, there’re several newly reported ground-breaking countermeasures for not only slimes but also other monsters’, thanks to the action of three Stuart siblings who are now taking the class with a serious face on.

I feel pitiful for students who’re eager to pass this year, but it looks like this will be an interesting year.


Taking the chance while Wolfgang is drawing an illustration of slimes on the blackboard (his drawing is really good), George and William reproach Emma.

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“Emma… or rather, Minato! That’s on purpose, right? You purposely made Robert mad, right?”

“Mina-nee! Your bad habit came out! You don’t have to go that far facing a kid… Even though we already told you not to cause any problem…”

“Huh? I mean, that Robert-sama? What do you think he said in the beginning? He said, ‘Even though you’re women,’ you know? I have always hated twisted male chauvinist b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ the most, you see.”

‘Fufufu,’ then Emma laughs softly.

The noble sons they’ve met until now in this world have only been kind to Emma.
But in the royal capital, there seem to be people like Robert, who discriminate people by gender.

Emma is lenient with girls but strict with boys.
Especially boys who say, ‘even though you’re a woman.’

“Emma… don’t bully him too much, okay?”

George has a bad feeling seeing the warlike Emma’s expression.

“Nee-sama? Please don’t create any uproars, okay?”

That seems impossible, though… William keeps his caution with a resigning look.

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“Those over there, keep down your chit-chats.
Emma Stuart! What will happen if you cut a slime?”

Wolfgang, who is done drawing a jellylike slime with chalk, chides down the murmurs and asks Emma a question as if giving a punishment.

“Yes, Mr.
Slashing a slime will cause the slime to split into two.
The more you cut a slime, the more it multiplies.”

Emma answers the sudden question unhesitatingly.

‘That’s correct…’ At Wolfgang’s words, the sound of flipping pages stops, and voices of astonishment can be heard here and there.

Only Robert vexingly distorts his face, but Emma doesn’t know.

Melsa’s wish for a safe, peaceful school life was futile as the Emma VS Robert battle commences.

Author’s note: Francesca’s older brother… is he really there in that class?

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