Can’t Contain My A(Hu)nger [Part 1]

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Kukyururururu *rumble rumble*

Rurururukururururu *rumble rumble rumble*

Kyurururururu *rumble rumble*

“Emma-sama, just a little bit more!”

Francesca encourages Emma.

The two-hour Monster Science class is over, and they are heading over to the cafeteria as it is lunch break.

Kururururukyuururururu *rumble rumble rumble rumble*

From the second half of the class, the worms inside Emma’s stomach* started to let out miserable cries.

(T/N: A metaphor meaning for one’s stomach to rumble.)

The near Stuart brothers, Joshua, the embroidery members, and even the Prince and Arthur could hear it clearly.

It didn’t matter whether you’re a noble daughter or not.
If you’re hungry, it couldn’t be helped that your stomach would rumble.

Kukyurururururu. *rumble rumble* *rumble* *rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

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The bell indicating the end of class rang, and Emma stood up the moment the teacher exited.

“Everyone! Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

Thanks to her stomach rumbles that conveyed her hunger better than her words, everyone quickly tidied up their stationery and left the class.

At the end of the street in the middle of the academy, where many similar-looking buildings lined up, a luxurious building located on the innermost place is used as the student cafeteria.

As there’s a distance between the Monster Science classroom and the cafeteria, the worms inside Emma’s stomach keep making a sad and miserable cry every step she walks.
When you’re young, the worms inside your stomach are also lively.

She couldn’t stop the rumble even when she tried to, so she just single-mindedly aimed for the cafeteria.


*rumble rumble* *rumble rumble* *rumble*


Emma is so hungry that her steps are faltering.

Being propped by George and William on her both side, Emma walks staggeringly.

“Nee-sama, we’ve arrived at the cafeteria.”

“Emma, you became hungry like this because you pick a fight with Robert-sama, you know?”

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The academy cafeteria has all the facilities for the students to dine satisfied.
It is even larger than the Monster Science classroom, the largest classroom inside the academy.
The tables are also far.

“Lady Emma’s stomach rumbles very cutely.”

“Onii-sama, when a girl’s stomach rumbles, you should pretend to not hear it even though you do.”

Arthur, who was teasing Emma with his mischievous smile, was warned by Marion.

“It’s the first time we meet someone this hungry, huh, Caitlyn?”

“It’s the first time we meet someone this hungry, Catherine.”

The twins are happily getting along with each other.

“Emma-sama, I will bring you some snacks from now on.”

Joshua makes a promise smilingly.

The Prince returned to the royal castle during lunch break.
He had to do some official business while having his light meal, so they split up immediately after leaving the classroom.

His reluctant face when they part was memorable, but hearing Emma’s stomach rumbles, he made a bitter smile and urged her to ‘Hurry and eat at the cafeteria.’ …how kind.

The cafeteria provides a set menu that changes daily and is run by donations from aristocrat student parents.

The students can’t choose what they want to eat, but the nutrition balance is guaranteed, and the taste is also fine.

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Guess it’s easier to think of it as the school meal in our previous life.

The lunch break is two hours long, so some students go to the shops outside of the academy or go back to eat at their own house.

Emma finally reaches an open table and sits with everyone.

Although Emma was staggering, they rushed here with a quick pace, so there still wasn’t any student from the same Monster Science class.

Even if Robert comes to pick a fight, Emma doesn’t have the energy to mind him, so George and William are relieved.

It seems the cafeteria has a system where the waiter will deliver your meals right away after you are seated without having to say anything.
And so, a lunch set with stew as the main dish is being served in front of Emma one after another.

The waiter lastly puts a basket full of soft and fluffy bread at the center and withdraws.

George told Emma to wait while the waiter is still here to prevent her from gobbling everything, so her stomach has rumbled to its climax.
It was one big chorus.

Kururururu. *rumble rumble* *rumble rumble rumble* *rumbllllle*

Even though it was so I won’t start gobbling everything, I think the sound of my stomach reaches the waiter’s ears clearly…

“Alright, let’s eat.”

When George finally gives his permission, saying ‘Bon appétit,’ Emma makes a praying gesture in sync with the other students and starts eating lunch.

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She stuffs her cheeks with a mouthful of stew with a large chunk of meat inside.
The meat immediately softens and melts inside her mouth…


After exclaiming that, Emma silently focuses on eating her food.

She takes back what she said about it being similar to a school meal… The ingredients, quantity, plating, and taste totally exceed that of a school meal.

“Today’s cafeteria menu is fancier than usual, huh?”

Looking at the meat inside the served stew, Marion mutters in a good mood.

“That’s true.
The amount of donation money differs every year, but this may be the first time we have such a big and good meat.”

Francesca agrees with Marion.

Not only the stew, even the salad, several side dishes, and the fluffy bread are totally different from what the cafeteria has served until last year.
Moreover, the bread is freshly baked.

They can hear the students around them also eating happily. 

Even though they’re noble sons and daughters, nevertheless, to growing children with a big appetite, food is also one part of the school life they look forward to.

“The ingredients are too, but the seasonings are better than last year… They seem to use plenty of expensive spices…”

Arthur said while moving his gaze from Emma, who is eating the meat deliciously, to Joshua, who’s looking at her smilingly.

…rumor has it that the Rothschild House made a large sum of donations to the academy.
If that donation was for the sake of Emma’s meal at school, then my friend might have a ridiculously tough rival.

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