Chapter 5 – The Tanaka Family, Whole Family Reincarnation Confirmed

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Eventually, the whole family gathered at dinner.

Father and older brother were hunting, while Mother was attending a tea party.

It seemed that until Emma’s condition got better, everyone disregarded their work or social activities and took turns nursing her.

My apologies.

Well, even if it is called a tea party, what Mother usually goes to is more like a comfortable gathering compared to the tea parties at the royal capital.

And now… more than anything…

It’s a quieter than usual dining table.

The father, who usually dotes on his daughter, is lost in thought.

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The mother, who usually dotes on her second son, is lost in thought.

The eldest son, who usually dotes on his younger sister and brother, is lost in thought.

‘No one speaks anything’, William gestured at my way.

Although Emma, who just recovered after 10 days is here, nobody makes a light talk asking, ‘Is your body okay?’ and keeps silent all the way.

If I were to think about how I was raised dearly, this could be said as an abnormal situation.

Even older brother George who would always give me his share of pudding just silently ate his.

The servants don’t show it on their faces, but they too, are serving us anxiously.

Does this mean that each of them is confused about the reincarnation?

It’s troublesome to go confirm it to their room one by one after dinner.

Various explanations, discussion, I want to end it in one go.

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Because my family and servants seem to be used to any of Emma’s weird behaviors, should I boldly confirm it right now…


I abruptly stand up and take a breath.

The eyes of all family members gather on Emma.

I shout in Japanese, which is different from this world’s language.


Immediately after, My father Leonard says

“OOONEE” while standing up and saluting.

“TTWOO” My mother, Melsa says while standing up and saluting.

“TTHREEE” My older brother, George says while standing up and saluting.

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“DAAAA” Me and my younger brother say and push up our fists.

It’s not a roll-call anymore, but from long ago in the Tanaka family, it’s an established custom used to confirm the number of people when we go on a trip.

After we became adults, we don’t go on trips.
Instead, sometimes when we get drunk, someone will start it and make everyone laugh.

It’s super embarrassing when it’s seen by someone outside the family.

Basically, our body moves on its own before we can think about it.
…only if you are a Tanaka family member.

If it were the usual, we would no doubt be laughing about it, but right now everyone is looking blankly… It can’t be helped since they did it reflexively.
Although William particularly didn’t have to do it, he can’t escape from the automatic ‘DAAAA’.

“Gather in Emma’s shed in 20 minutes”

When I spoke in Japanese again, the three nodded with their eyes widen.

I turned around and return to my room.
I have already made preparations, but those stares from the servants hurt.
Let’s quickly run before Martha scold me.

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“Huhhh Young lady! You shouldn’t run on the corridor!”


In the end, I was scolded…


Later William told me that it’s fine to just say it normally in Japanese, but that ‘DAAAA’ ritual is proof of the Tanaka family.

Being cautious, I needed to know for sure that it is our Tanaka family before we communicate.

It’s not that I never thought about it…



Author’s note: a spoiler in the title

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