Commoner Town [Part 1] 

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Even though the whole area is called the commoner town, the security differs greatly depending on the place.

The rich build their houses near the nobles district and live the same lifestyle as nobles.
However, the security becomes worse the farther it is from the royal castle, where there are even slums in some parts.

The siblings are currently wandering around that middle point.

“You know… This area… is so quiet.”

‘Ughn…’ George stretches out his arms while walking.

When the siblings were in the academy, they (mainly because of Emma) always stood out, but nobody seems to be paying attention to them in this commoner town.

After being surrounded by the royal family, nobles’ high society, a too luxurious mansion, and a lifestyle they haven’t gotten used to yet in the royal capital, this common people vibe feels comfortable.

Even if noble children dress up as commoners, they will be found out somehow, but the siblings have unbelievably blended in with their surroundings naturally.

Well, it’s no wonder as in their previous life, they were the most ordinary people who came from the countryside with a declining population.

The commoner siblings dress up as commoners, that’s all the story.

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The siblings wonder if they can be happy about fitting into commoner clothes more than into evening dresses and formal wear.

“There’s a delicious smell.”

Emma sniffs the air.
Food stalls lined up next to each other on the untidy roadside.
Large chunks of meat are being roasted in a rotating stand, and the cauldron that sticks out to the road is giving off the smell of freshly baked bread.

“…it’s true.”

It’s usually the siblings’ snack time around this hour.

George, who’s thinking it’s about time to rest at some store since they’ve walked pretty far from the nobles district, suddenly got bumped lightly from behind.


“I-I’m sorry!”

A boy smaller than William bumped into George, maybe not paying attention to the road while walking.

The boy bows deeply and runs off hastily.

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“It’s okay~ Don’t sweat it.”

By the time George waved his hand lightly and responded, the boy already turned into a corner and disappeared.

“To be in such a rush, I wonder if he’s on an errand?”

William looks in the direction the boy ran to while tilting his head.

Emma also looks in that direction and is thinking of something with a slightly shocked face.

“Um… In manga, games, and novels… isn’t this the pattern where you got your wallet stolen?”

George and William don’t seem to feel anything out of place, but Emma just asks curiously, “You have your wallet?” to confirm while fixing her hat that has slipped off a little.

“It’s here, though?”

William is rummaging the inside of his shirt.

William is the one who holds the three siblings’ wallet, so to keep it safe, he hangs it around his neck and put it under his shirt.

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For some reason, George and William don’t want to let Emma hold the wallet.
Even if Emma said that she is fine, they don’t have any faith in her.

“Ah… it’s gone…!!”

George, who didn’t bring his wallet, is searching his pockets with a pale face.

“Eh? That child earlier? was really a pickpocket? Eh?”

“…The wallet is on me… Is something missing? Onii-sama…”

George never put a lot of money in his wallet anyway, so even if it got pickpocketed, he shouldn’t have turned so pale like this.

Geoge dejectedly drops his shoulders and weakly answers.

“…My monster… karuta…”

” “Uwah-…” “

Emma and William also can’t hide their shock at George’s words.

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The monster karuta was handmade by the three siblings, so it’s, of course, a one-of-a-kind item with no other copies.

This one year, Emma has drawn the monsters, colored them, and William has written the explanation card by card.
It was a karuta set they had fully put their time and labor into.

George always carries the finished cards on his body so he can memorize them in his spare time.

“If you had wanted to steal, you should’ve stolen my wallet instead…”

Dark clouds seem to be hovering over the Monster Science beginner class test.

George has to pass until the advanced level class or else he can’t succeed the title.

‘It’s over… It’s over for me in Monster Science…’ George crouches down while muttering in despair.

By now, the thieving boy is probably disappointed that it’s not a wallet that he stole.

At that, ‘It’s too early to give up…’ Emma pats George’s shoulder.

“We can still make it! Let’s chase after him.”

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