s is different from what you promise! Why are you stopping the food distribution when you haven’t provided enough for everyone?”

Robert doesn’t answer.

Because he feels that he is doing charity right now.
While they can feel thankful, they don’t have the right to utter any complaints.

Well, it can also be said that he simply couldn’t answer after getting scared from seeing the man’s appearance.

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“Please… at least for children under 5 years old, would you please give them something to eat?”

The man forced himself to swallow his anger and bowed his head to Robert.

If they can’t get something to eat this time, they have to hold out until next week’s food distribution.
There can be children who lost their lives because of that.

“Robert-sama… They’re so pitiful, you see? Just for the small kids…”

Feeling sympathetic towards the man who has desperately pleaded, Bryan persuades Robert to give them something.

“Are you stupid? To get free food, these guys can easily bow down their heads, you know? There will be no end to it if we heed every single one of them.”

Robert has had a bad temper recently.

He is still holding a grudge for the humiliation he got at the academy.

He appealed to his father to write a complaint letter to the Stuart House, but the reply he got was (it was written very long but in short) ‘Eh? Isn’t it not my child’s fault?’

What can you expect from a parent with a child like that? Even though a Count couldn’t go against a Duke if his father were to do anything.

When he recalled the annoying Emma Stuart’s face, he felt irritated… eh?… the appearance of Emma Stuart stuffing her cheeks with slime jelly suddenly flashed through his mind, and ‘Thump’ his heart throbbed unnaturally.

Even though I would’ve let her get along with me if she had apologized there.
What a stupid woman.

In Robert’s mind, the image of Emma talking to Arthur, Emma talking to the Second Prince, Emma talking to the freckled merchant’s son floats in one after another.

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It was a little late, but at that point, he felt irritated more than he ever felt before.

If it’s the usual Robert, he will probably get cold feet from the man’s appearance and continue the food distribution, but Robert at this moment has his irritation shoot up to the MAX level.

“We got no food left for you to eat.
You’re being an eyesore!”

*BAM* Robert opens the carriage door and yells.

The servants, the children who have gathered for the food distribution, and the man bowing his head are all surprised and turn their gazes towards Robert.


Even towards the raging noble son who had gone out of his way and showed his face, the man still felt indignant.

Within a year of the rotating duty cycle, last week’s and this week’s food distributions are called the “two weeks of hell” in the slums.
This is because those two weeks’ quantity and quality of food are much worse than what other nobles usually provide.

Other nobles would always give them goodie bags filled with biscuits and other food that can last for a long time.
Yet in every “two weeks of hell,” they have never been given anything of the sort.
Not even once.

In the slums, people have no guarantee they could have a decent meal other than the distributed food.
So if he loses his temper here, then the children can actually, really die.

“I-It won’t be for free! I will trade it with a special ink! A bright red ink that absolutely can’t be removed.”

At the man’s words, Robert’s face broke into his usual wicked smile.

I remember it’s about time for that freckled merchant’s son’s store to open.

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