ta that had been scattered on the ground.

He breathed a sigh of relief after counting the number.

“Thank god, it’s all here.”

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George made a genuinely relieved voice, then looked at the boy.

Including in his previous life, it’s the first time he encountered a pickpocket, but he didn’t realize he got stolen until Emma told him.
If there’s a pro and clumsy pickpocket, George is certain that this kid is the former.

“W-What are you! You three! Which slum are you from? To chase me up to here, it’s a territorial invasion!”

Not understanding what the boy just said, the siblings instantly had a puzzled look on their faces.

“Even if you walk in the commoner town, if you’ve become like me, you can definitely tell! There’s no way people who wear patched clothes come from that district.
You must be slums’ residents, right?”

‘How’s that! Give it up!’ the boy sprang up vigorously.

The clothes the siblings usually wear at home were told to be shabbier than commoner clothes.

Now that they think about it, whenever they play with the cats, their clothes tore often because the claws unexpectedly got caught on them.

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It’s always fun to play with the cats, but with the four of them in that size, it can’t be helped that their clothes got damaged in exchange for the fluffiness.

Especially these last six months, they’d been practicing riding the cats and sometimes fell down hard.

‘Isn’t it such a waste when it’s torn?’

‘Only our family and servants in the mansion can see it anyway?’

Buying new sets of clothes doesn’t even cross the Stuart family’s mind as they suffered from a poor mentality for a long time.

Not even matching the pattern and color of the patch cloth, they used the excess fabric from Rose’s dresses.

Plain-looking clothes combined with bright colored patches have created a shabby look that can’t be covered by their sewing techniques alone.
It added some truth to the boy’s remarks about their appearance.

The fabric itself is Emma silk, though, so it’s definitely not some shoddy clothes, but clothes of the finest quality.

“No, we’re not slums’ residents, though…”

When George said, “This area is so quiet” back then, maybe the commoner town’s people thought of the siblings as slums’ children and thus avoided them. Or rather, this is the slums, huh…

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