Chapter 6 – The First Tanaka Family Meeting

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It’s the first Tanaka family meeting.

Emma’s shed is not just Emma’s insect-loving castle, but also functions as the Stuart count family’s silkworm research laboratory, so there is also a small meeting room and the like.

Emma has become obsessed with insects from as long as she can remember, and her genius talent only blooms when insects are concerned.

As a result of Emma’s crossbreeding cycle, improved version of the feed, and breeding environment scheme, our palace silkworm has a length of about 50 centimeters.

The objective was to have one silkworm to make one dress amount of silk thread, but if the silkworms become any bigger than this, it will put burdens on the budget for care-taking and feed.
As to not cut the profits, the silkworms will be kept at this length, and instead, focus on researching how to increase the number of cocoons.

Emma… what a terrifying child…

The whole family gathered in the small meeting room of Emma’s shed and were discussing reincarnation, but…

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Even though my younger brother alone is shining, now it’s multiply three.

T/N: You know that sparkly effects when a handsome chara appears on manga.
That ‘kira kira‘.
I don’t really know how I should translate it to.
Shining? sparkling? dazzling?

Father and older brother have blond hair and purple eyes too.

The two of them have a sweet mask… or not, but they look refined.
Besides that, they look kind of strong.

Mother also has blond hair, but her pupils are light green.

Mom being mom, plus the fact that she is an intense beauty that looks strong, it seems like it will be scary if she gets angry.

…no, it’s super-duper frightening.
In Emma’s memory, she is scared of Mother the most.

Father and mother who was over 60, now is the same age as their daughter in the past life.

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Aah… but I like intense-type beauty.


I have blond hair and light green eyes, same as Mother, and am also shining, but I have a stark face that seems to have been created by avoiding all of mother and father’s strong points.

From now on, let’s pay attention to my appearance a little more.
After all, Emma only had insects in her head.
I may be able to recover.

About this circumstance, let’s try to ask how the originally super ordinary Tanaka family members think.

“Everyone… Aren’t we too beautiful?”

“No, that’s just how it is in this world.”

My older brother, George just casually answer.

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What! In this world, it seems that’s how it is.

Emma has no sense towards people appearance (she doesn’t have any interest at all), maybe because it’s from Minato’s point of view, or perhaps because the memories of the past life are thin so far except for Emma, the one who feels uncomfortable seems to be only Minato who holds 100% of her past life memories.

And, as I mentioned earlier, my younger brother is also a fragile pretty boy…

“Because in our past life everyone has a plain-looking face with black hair black eyes, it’s hard to accept the gap!”

Even though everyone is so beautiful, when I overlap their past life appearance, I feel like it’s too much.

“No, the Emma now or Minato in our past life, both are the cutest.”

My father, Leonard smiles sweetly and says it seriously.
Whether it’s now or in the past, he still dotes on his daughter.


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After we talk about Minato and Peita’s reincarnation knowledge, our idle talk becomes more exciting.

The crucial explanation about ‘the Circle of Reincarnation’ was an oriental concept that Japanese people would understand even without any otaku knowledge, so the whole family could accept it easily.

We are the type of family who doesn’t think too much.

By the way, in this country, black hair is a symbol of the royal blood.

The situation where black hair is rare is strange to a Japanese like me, the shining blond prince on a white horse doesn’t exist in this country.

If dazzling beauties are normal here like my older brother said, I will be expecting how dazzling other things will be.



Author’s note: it was a relaxing meeting

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