The Man’s Injury [Part 2]

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TN: Pan Xue

Emma and William, who were left behind, started to discuss and go through their past life’s memories.

“William, Pocari… how much is its salt concentration again?”

(*T/N: Pocari Sweat is the name of a drink in Japan.
It’s a type of sports drink that works to hydrate the body.
Pocari is fairly popular in Asia, not sure if it’s also sold in other regions, tho.)

“Ehh?? I don’t know?”

“I remembered having read it somewhere, but how much was it again? I asked to buy sugar ‘cause Pocari is kinda sweet, but does it have sugar in it?”

“Ehh?? I don’t know? Try hard to remember!”

“Peita is useless, huh…”

“No, no, no! Even if you were asked about that suddenly!”

“It’s supposed to be lighter than seawater, I guess… I think it was less than a spoonful… Ahh, I can’t remember it at all!”

“I only know that the skin is slightly acidic, you know?”

“What’s that? Bi*re?!”

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(T/N: Bioré.
This refers to Biore Japan’s commercial for its soap products.
They promote the products to be slightly acidic, which is how healthy skin is supposed to be.)

While Emma and William continued their fruitless discussion, George returned with a few bottles of water, salt, and sugar.
When he went to buy the things, he carried the boy on his shoulder and ran.
But he only had the goods as the luggage on the way back, so he arrived earlier than he thought.

“I ran here bringing the things for dehydration first.
We bought everything needed, but the kid is the one holding it, so it will come later.”

While saying that, George opened the bottle and put salt and sugar inside.

” “Ahhhhh!!” “

George, who was shaking the bottle, stopped his movement at Emma and William’s scream.

“Eh? What? What’s wrong?”

“Nii-sama… what about the salt concentration?”

William nervously asked.
In the end, the two didn’t come up with an answer, but they were still shocked seeing George putting the salt and sugar in so readily.

“2-3g of salt and 20-40g of sugar to 1L of water.
I used the same ratio I googled when a worker collapsed on the construction site because of heatstroke back then.
Was it wrong?”

“Nii-sama… You’re the best…”

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Emma and William were deeply impressed by their former site-director older brother, who they thought knew the least about that kind of information.

It’s all because the site I worked on that day had no vending machine. George, who was squinting his eyes nostalgically, didn’t notice the respectful gazes coming from his younger sister and younger brother.

William fed the instant ORS (oral rehydration solution) to the man slowly with a spoon, and during that time, George and Emma carefully washed the man’s wounds.

“Before that kid comes… Please, Violet!”

Taking the big hat off, Emma gently put Violent down on the floor.

Its eight glittering round eyes were still shining even as the room became darker as the night approached.

It has such a pretty purple color and is still so cute every time I see it.

The spider spat a purple thread at the man’s wound like it had done to Emma before.

“Thank you! Violet.”

When Emma thanked the spider, Violet rustled around as if saying, “Just call me anytime.” What a handsome spider Violet is.
She’s a female, though.

Immediately after, Violet climbed onto Emma’s arm by itself and went back into the hat.
Right at that moment, the boy returned.

“How’s Big Brother’s condition?”

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From behind the boy, a group of children who were smaller than he appeared.

“These guys are the kids from this part of the slums.
They just followed me on their own…”

The children rushed over to the lying man worriedly.

The siblings’ hearts were pounding whether the floor would collapse from this or not.

“It’s okay.
We’re done treating your brother’s wound, and it looks like he drank the water properly, so after this, let’s cook something so he can eat after he wakes up.”

Emma took the oatmeal and milk from the boy and replied to reassure him.

“By the way, do you have a pot or something like that?” After Emma asked, the boy brought a big pot and a ladle from the room in the back.

“Someone from the food distribution a long time ago forgot to take it and left it here.
It’s good that I have picked it up, but we don’t have any food to put in it, so it hasn’t been used.”

“Hm? Then we can’t cook here?”

It’s oatmeal, so they can eat it as is with milk, but it’s more preferable to eat it warm.

“Nee-sama, that is?”

Emma looked at what William pointed at.
There’s a fireplace.

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It seems it’ll be fine to use fire there.
We can also make the place to put the pot using the crumbled bricks.

“That leaves burnable wood… Just peel it from the floor on that side.
It’s about time the lights on the commoner town light up, so I’m going there to get the fire.”

George left the room energetically once again and went down the stairs.

When it gets dark, torches will be set up on the major roads of the royal capital for the people returning home from work.

During shopping, the shop owner told George that commoners like to take the fire from the torches for cooking purposes.

“Nii-sama‘s survival skills… is really something else.”

George’s method of securing water and fire that’s crucial for camping out is perfect.
And he got that skill just by being taken along to hunt in Palace.

“Well, if only he studies a little harder…”

The Tanaka family is as disappointing as always.

In this darkness, going back home and leaving the unconscious, injured man and the little children alone was not even considered by the three siblings.

Their bodies might be that of children, but they’re around 40 and 30 years old inside.
There’s no way they could leave the man and children by themselves.

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