nk on the store’s front wall before the opening date are terribly damaging.

Whether it’s scraping the stone or peeling the floor, both cost money.
And as a store that got splashed by that red ink, the customer traffic will also be affected.

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“Somehow, I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine.
It’s a shop that’s frequently harassed in the first place, so I’m already prepared.”

‘Please don’t mind it,’ Joshua weakly laughed.

“Harold-san? Can you paint with this ink in layers?”

Emma separated herself from Leonard from who knows when and went to see the wall with Harold’s paintings.
It was a painting of plants with vibrant colors.

“Hm? Yeah, the color will never fade off once it dries, but it also won’t mix if you apply another color on top, so it’s a good ink for painting.”

Harold had been apologizing until now, but he originally made that ink for his own paintings.
He made it so no matter if it’s a wall or another surface, the ink will color it well, and the color won’t come off.
If he layers the color on top of the dry part, it won’t mix and lose to the colors below.

It was a dream-like ink for painters.

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“Why don’t we have Harold-san paint Joshua’s store too? Because it’s red… maybe strawberries? It’s definitely going to be Instagrammable.”

‘If the ink can’t come off, then just paint it over,’ Emma suggested.

After seeing the graffiti on the wall, even Joshua, who had seen numerous paintings before, was convinced of one thing.
If that bright red color was drawn as strawberries, it wouldn’t be seen as a repulsive sea of blood but a cute decoration.

More than anything, to Joshua, the option to not use Emma’s idea doesn’t exist.

He doesn’t understand what ‘Instagrammable’ means, though.

“Harold-san, could you draw strawberries… on my store’s front wall? Of course, I will pay you.
Depending on the responses, it may be good to have new drawings painted every season.”

“Eh? That’s… No problem, but…”

“Then, for now, could you sign a one-year contract as our Rothschild Company’s exclusive painter? The ink will be handled separately.
Today we will only purchase the amount of ink we need.
And because we will likely make some prototypes that will be commercialized after this, let’s have an exclusive contract for the ink.”

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