er suggested to Harold.

“Here is a little far from the shop, so how about moving to the commoner town? Our company has a few buildings…”

“No, I can’t move.”

Harold refused immediately.

“I could prepare a big building for you, you know? Enough for all the children to live in.”

Joshua gave an exceptional offer, but Harold stood firm.

“The ink’s raw material is on the underground of this slum.
If I leave and a different person settles here, I may not be able to make the ink.”

‘It’s a crucial material, so I can’t move from here no matter what.’

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The clusters of mushrooms in the underground of this crumbling building are valuable ones that can only grow here.
Even after all that traveling, Harold couldn’t find it anywhere else.

“If this ink production method becomes public, there’s also the risk of overharvesting.”

So he would live in the slums for a while to secretly research the mushrooms.

Harold went to Joshua’s store to draw as it is, while the three siblings were told by Leonard to return to the mansion.

“Melsa is also worried.
We should come back quickly to give her peace of mind.”

Emma started to tremble the moment she heard Melsa’s name.

“Was Mother… angry?”

In the whole Stuart family, only Melsa would get angry at Emma.

She could imagine that Melsa would be angrier at Emma, a girl, for staying outside overnight without permission than at George and William, who are boys.
Only this one, her sweet father and Koumei-san, couldn’t help.

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“Having parents to get mad at you is a luxury, you know!” was what Hue said, but her footsteps towards the carriage felt heavy.

Koumei entered the carriage the last, and they went back home being squeezed.

“This… What will become of Koumei-san’s body?”

The gaps between the gaps inside the carriage were filled with Koumei.

They thought that not all of them could get on the carriage to return home, but the cat had unbelievably fitted in easily.

“……see, cats are liquid…”


For a short moment until she would be scolded by Melsa, Emma had been healed by this carriage full of Koumei-san’s fluff.

Author’s note: If the definition of a liquid is a matter that conforms to the shape of a container in which it is held, then cats are liquid… supposedly.

Translator’s note: This is the last chapter of the “Royal Capital – The Three Siblings Go to the Academy” arc.
The next chapter will be the start of a new arc, “The Stuart Family and Imperial Japan.”

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