kname for Wataru, the eldest son)

Such a thing should start from the oldest one, right.

“Ah, unfair! Wait… Ummm… Calm down, Mother! I’m still 15, 3rd year of middle school if it’s in our past world, you know? I’ve only been allowed to follow Father hunting…”

That attitude! Let’s give older brother words of encouragement… or so I was thinking,

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“George… In this world, boys can marry at the age of 16! Emma, girls are from 14! You also said the same thing in our past life, but still didn’t get married, did you!”

” “Ughhh” “

She remembers nothing but unnecessary things! It makes things hard!

I can’t win against Mother.

“No problem.
Tomorrow morning let’s immediately start picking your fiancees…”

When it comes to this topic, Father is silent from beginning to end.

There’s no cursing towards the untouched god.

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Just like this,

in our first Tanaka family meeting, our goal in this life got forcibly decided halfway.

This life’s goal: the three siblings’ marriage.



Author’s note: To mother, the most important thing is only one

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