Sin and Punishment​ and Grandmother [Part 2]

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“There’s no such thing.
Marion-sama is tall and has good posture, so I think dresses will definitely suit you.”

Marion always dressed like a man, but her figure was outstanding.

She made it seem like she doesn’t have a chest, but it’s unexpectedly big.
Emma could tell a person’s size just from a glance, so there’s no way she’s wrong about that.

A design that perfectly lines her body will definitely look good on her.
A pure black dress with a loosely open neckline suddenly popped into her mind.*

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(*T/N: Perhaps something like this?)

I want to make a dress that will suit Marion-sama.”

A sexy and cool design that only Marion can wear exactly because she always trains her body was floating around in Emma’s mind and suddenly disappeared.

“What would you do if you get any busier than this, Emma-sama… Rather than me, you should be worrying about your own dress.”

Emma, who usually didn’t go to evening parties, didn’t have many dresses on her hand.
She had only been making new dresses for Rose.

“I still have the dress I wore at the previous party, so I’m alright.”

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Even though Emma was at her growing period, there’s no way the dress she previously just made wouldn’t fit her anymore.
Her chest also didn’t show any sign of growing towards her preferable form.

“You can’t! Emma-sama! To think you will wear the same dress twice to a party… The banquet this time is highly formal, so all the more reason why you shouldn’t.”

Francesca reminded Emma, looking very surprised.

Wearing the same dress more than once at a high society gathering was something young ladies her age would never do.
Emma’s dress at that time was indeed wonderful, but that’s precisely why it left an impression on people’s minds.

“Ehh! Is there such a rule?”

What’s with that date outfits for girls who just started going out like way of thinking?

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If that’s the case, it would be nice if there are dresses at a fast-fashion price.
Hm? Will it sell if I actually make it?

…no, nobles prefer luxury, so I guess they won’t buy cheap and nasty products.
Then the commoners… They don’t go to evening parties, huh…

It will be such a waste if a Palace silk dress is only worn once.
Even though I’ve tried selective breeding so many times to produce a durable silk variant that can withstand washing…

I will just make my own dress for now.”

was what Emma said, but she had no time.
Even though ideas could flow smoothly like water through her head if it were for Rose’s dress, Emma needed to take some time to come up with one when it came to her own.

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The unfortunate thing was there’s a limit to how much skin Emma could expose.
She had no breast to show.
Her bottom was also nonexistent, and her legs weren’t something she could show off as they were too thin.

In the end, she could only show her personality using her father’s lace and embroidery on the same design.

While Emma’s hand was busy embroidering the coasters at high speed, her mind was trying to think of new design ideas.
Though it didn’t go well as she kept getting distracted by idle thoughts.

It’s because she’s sitting on the same seat with the cross-dressing beauty Marion, the twins with the silver hair and tan skin she always adored, and the unyielding heavy drinker Francesca.
Being surrounded by these beautiful girls with rich individuality made her thoughts leaned towards possible design ideas for that side instead.

Marion will be sexy and cool, the twins will, of course, have a matching design with reverse color schemes, and Francesca will go with a soft design with many laces to create a new charm…

Everyone is too cute that I can’t think of my own dress…”

Emma couldn’t stop sighing.

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