*ri curtain, isn’t it?” Which is important.

(T/N: Nitori is the largest furniture and home furnishing chain in Japan.
This is a reference to Nitori curtains that have many botanical patterns.
A picture of a Nitori curtain: )

However, Emma still felt very nervous even as the dress that came from her being stuck for ideas was praised.

The waiter had guided her to a different seat from her grandmother.

She thought she was lucky at first, but…

Later, Arthur sat on her left, and His Highness Edward on her right.

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Then now, Robert was guided by the waiter to the seat right opposite Emma and sat down with a terribly sullen face.


The Stuart family is of a Count rank.

Under the royal family, there are nobles in the order of Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, and Baron.

Despite this, she seemed to be sitting in an inappropriate seat no matter how she looked at it.

Both Arthur of the Bell House and Robert of the Lance House are dukes.

And, next to Robert, sat a young lady with full breasts wearing a gorgeous design that represented all the current fashion trends in the royal capital.

“Hello there, Beatrix-sama.
You’re shining tonight too.”

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As part of his courtesy, Arthur praised the lady with a perfectly fitting phrase.

The young lady threw a dubious look at Emma.

“Ah, this is Emma Stuart, a Count’s daughter.
She starts attending the academy this year.
Lady Emma, this is Beatrix Spencer, a Duke’s daughter.”

Arthur, who was being thoughtful, introduced the two to each other, but Lady Beatrix turned her face away aloofly.

The lower-ranking Emma obviously couldn’t talk to her first, so she simply returned a “highest-grade bow in a sitting form” that she had just learned from her grandmother.

As Emma gently cast her eyes down and bowed at a miraculous angle that didn’t let her long hair touch the table, sighs of admiration could be heard not only from the Prince and Arthur but also from other tables.

Because Emma looked out of place among the Prince and sons and daughters of Dukes, she was attracting a lot of attention, even though the person herself never intended to.

Despite only receiving a quick preparatory lesson from her grandmother Hilda, Emma had learned the basics straight from the “Manner Demon” herself, so her bow was perfect.

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