u for your kind introduction.
Although I am still learning the kingdom’s language and am unfamiliar with many things, I hope I can get along well with everyone.
I will be in your care.”
The Imperial Prince made a beautiful Japanese bow that was greeted with applause.
Then, he was guided to his seat.
Imperial Prince Tasuku’s seat was the last empty chair at Emma’s table between Prince Edward and Robert.
…welp, this table… is the main table of this banquet, isn’t it.
It felt like a boy from a public high school’s baseball club was mingling with major league players.
“It’s a pleasure to meet everyone here.”
Well, the bowing Imperial Prince, who looked a little shy before sitting down, gave off a sense of youth just like a baseball club boy.

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“Welcome to the Kingdom.
I am the Second Prince Edward Torse Royal.
Would you allow me to introduce everyone at this table?”
The Prince acted as the host very familiarly.
After getting a nod from Imperial Prince Tasuku, the Prince skillfully introduced everyone at the table, so Emma bowed as before and continued to be silent.
Lady Beatrix, who had been aloof until now, made a perfect bow to the Imperial Prince and even gave him a broad smile.
As expected of a Duke’s daughter.
Robert and Arthur, too, didn’t look any nervous like they are already used to this kind of situation.
Uuhh… it’s hard to be out of place.

Seeing that the members on this seat had introduced themselves to each other, the King made an opening greeting for the banquet.
“Today, we have specially prepared some Imperial Japan’s dishes.
I hope everyone can enjoy a cross-cultural exchange just like Imperial Prince Tasuku.
…Imperial Prince Tasuku? Does Imperial Japan have any customs before eating?”
Being talked to by the King, Imperial Prince Tasuku sat up straight and answered.
We put our hands together and say ‘Itadakimasu.'”

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“Ah, no, it’s ‘Itadakimasu‘.”
“I see, then everyone, put your hands together and say… Itadakimasu.”
Following the King, everyone put their hands together and said,
” ” “Itadakimasu” ” “

While matching her actions with everyone else, Emma silently broke out in cold sweat.
…isn’t this pure Japanese!!!!

Author’s note: Please think of the words in Italic as Japanese (only applies for dialogues).
I wrote the neighboring country’s prince’s character without a plan, and it became like this.
The “how did this happen” in this beginning, I was really shocked there.
Translator’s note: Imperial Japan is just the name of the country.
While it may refer to actual Japan, it is totally unrelated to the country Japan the Tanaka family lived in their previous life.
The original word is 皇国 koukoku which means Empire.
However, there will be another country called 帝国 teikoku later in the story which also means Empire.
Both 皇国 koukoku and 帝国 teikoku in English are ‘Empire’.
The former is more of a Japanese empire, while the latter is more like a western empire.
So, I decided on Imperial Japan for 皇国 koukoku to differentiate the two countries in the future.

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