Miso and Chopsticks [Part 2]

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“Your Highness, ‘miso‘ is soybeans that are fermented with Aspergillus oryzae.
Soybeans are also an ingredient often used in our kingdom.”

Emma spontaneously took over what the Imperial Prince wanted to say and explained it to the Prince.

She might be scolded by her grandmother for cutting in on their conversation, but her mouth just moved on its own as she recalled that day’s memory.

“Soybeans… are miso? I didn’t know that.
Emma is well-informed, huh?”

“Fermented is like yogurt, right.
You really know a lot.”

“Don’t jump in when you’re just a woman.”


The Prince and Arthur praised Emma sincerely, and Robert grumbled with an annoyed look.
Lady Beatrix looked at Emma in slight surprise.
Emma returned a smile to her as their eyes finally met.

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“That, excuse me.
What did Lady Emma say just now? There were a lot of words I couldn’t catch…”

Everyone reacted to Emma’s words, so the Imperial Prince inquired apologetically.

Even though he could somehow brush it off with a smile, the Imperial Prince of a country earnestly apologized and strived to understand the conversation.


What a good child.

He is innocent, unlike Robert, and doesn’t look down on women, unlike Robert.
Learn from him, oy, Robert…

Self-introduction and how to hold chopsticks were within the Imperial Prince’s expectation, so he seemed to have looked up the vocabulary in advance.
However, he still hadn’t understood many words and needed to study more to hold daily conversations smoothly.


“Prince Edward thought that it’s an ingredient that doesn’t exist in the Kingdom, so I explained to him that miso is made by fermenting soybeans with koji mold, in which soybeans are also a common ingredient here.”

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Emma told their earlier conversation in Japanese so the Imperial Prince could understand.




Hm? The venue suddenly went quiet.



The possibility that the words “Itadakimasu,” “miso,” and “fermentation” were just coincidentally the same as Japanese and the truth was Imperial Japanese ≠ Japanese came to Emma’s mind.

Eh? If that is so, isn’t that extremely embarrassing…!?? That means in other people’s eyes, I’ve become someone who just suddenly speaks nonsensical words on her own???


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“Um, that… err, just now was…”

Have I gone and done it? I couldn’t think of any excuse I can deceive them with.

At this distinguished banquet… Have I done it… again?


“L-Lady Emma? Could you perhaps, speak Imperial Japanese?”

*clatter* Imperial Prince Tasuku stood up from his chair, went around to Emma’s seat, and grabbed both of her hands.

“Ah… I… Um, have I conveyed the words properly?”

A little encouraged from the Imperial Prince’s words, Emma timidly asked.
The Imperial Prince moved even closer and nodded repeatedly.
He somehow looked excited.

“It was perrrrrfect.
The pronunciation, grammar, even the honorifics, everything is the perfect Imperial Japanese.
I have heard that it’s hard for the Kingdom people to understand our language and have a conversation, but this, this is the first time I meet someone who can speak this perfectly!”

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Perhaps feeling greatly happy, the Imperial Prince was getting more and more excited to the point he looked like he would hug Emma at any time soon.

“Eh? Eh? Eh?” Emma, who couldn’t keep up with this development, looked at everyone around her, but the Prince, Arthur, Robert, Beatrix, the adults, and even her grandmother were stunned as they looked at Emma. Someone, anyone, please stop being a statue and help me before the Imperial Prince hugs me!


Emma could just brush the Imperial Prince’s hand off and tell him to calm down if it were in her previous life, but she was now right in the middle of a banquet, and her grandmother was staring at her intently. Though, if I’m hugged just like this, won’t that be totally an out for a young lady…

Sure enough, I didn’t cause any trouble, did I? The trouble is the one who just came on its own, isn’t it?

Perhaps Emma’s voiceless inner cry reached someone as the Imperial Prince was suddenly pulled from behind, and Emma was safely released.

When Emma raised her face, His Majesty the King was there.
He seemed to have come to separate the Imperial Prince and Emma after hearing the high tension voice of the Imperial Prince.



“Wha— Emma-chan!! Y-You can speak Imperial Japanese!!!?”

The King was the one who grabbed both of Emma’s arms and asked impatiently this time.

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